So many severed ties,

So many broken heart strings,

The wounds yearn to be stitched closed

Yearn to feel the fullness of life again

But only one who is brave enough,

One who has the spirit

Can fix the snapped connections of those around her,

Hearts healed,

The fires of friendship rekindled,

The work of one,

One who took the chance

Well after the success I had with my first poem I decided to try my hand out with a couple more, to tell you the truth I'm not that happy with this one but I will leave the reviewing up to you guys.

My inspiration for this one is somewhat obvious, the other day at school an old friend of mine who I had been pushing away as of late started talking to me, we were chatting, laughing basically having fun bludging PDHPE prac. (She called me a retarded ghost .) and that day it happened to be raining to we ended up sitting near her group, our groups started interacting and for the first time in a while we got along.

I hope you kind of get the idea in the poem so review?

And remember guess the band that made this song (The title) and you will get a free cookie :D No one has even guessed yet.

~ Bear0504