A beautiful face shrouded in
Controversial mystique
No one has ever been studied
More than Mona Lisa, the
Woman who defines mystery

Does no one care about the sake
Of art as they stare her down like
A hunter and their prey? Does anyone
Even care to imagine how she must
Feel, like a fish trapped in a tank?

Everyone wants an answer to this
Enigmatic woman
They want to know if she is smiling
They want to know because humans
Are not content with not knowing
Even when their lives are at stake they
Will do anything for the truth

Does anyone know what she feels when
People pulverize the glass case with
Their laser stares? She only sits there,
Helpless, as they move their fingers, as if
They wish to move her lips into a smile or
A frown, as if she is not just a painting
Because she is not

She is more mysterious than the
Universe and its theories
She is more beautiful than a
Supernova as the sun rises
She is more than just a pretty
Face who no one knows just wants
To be free from the staring and the
Anger and the touching and the
Feeling of being incarcerated for the
Sole purpose of a puzzle

For Mona Lisa knows what they don't
She knows that even as society pulls
And pushes her to be what they want,
Smiling or frowning or smirking,
They can't change who she is
For Mona Lisa is doing nothing of
What's expected of her
She is not a smiling painting,
She is not a frowning picture,
She is not a smirking illustration
She is simply living

Paint is thicker than blood
It spills onto the canvas as
She lives as freely as she can
Without losing the touches of
Da Vinci's brush as he created her