In a house where humans have never taken foot. In a room where there is no air, two beings, father and daughter talk to each other. No, wait let me rephrase that, they're arguing.

"Ahhh damn it. I can't believe this, why do I have to provide entertainment?"

"You have too, its the law. Simple enough"

"Dad! C'mon do not make me do this it's humiliating!"

"I can agree with you on that, I had to do it too Y'know?"

"Ahhh damn it, only for 20 years right?"

"Yes, only 20 years."

"K, I'll do it.

The daughter leaves the room, and as soon as the daughter is gone the dad sighs. "This is a truly screwed up system" he said

"Oh, Hi there! I'm disobeying every law the gods have given me so listen okay?" I said to the camera in my hands.

"My name is Hannah! I'm a GOD! My father is also a god! We are beings from heaven. Hahaha... No wait thats a given!" She starts to hit herself repeatdly while saying "STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!"

*Sigh* I thought she could do it, but apparently she can't. Well at least she tried her best, so let me explain. I am Hannah's guardian angel, and she has a guardian angel because she is a god. Now let me explain to you what gods are. You all probably know of the god from the bible, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Jesus, etc. right? Those gods are ALL REAL. In fact they are the highest ranking gods, with the god of the bible ranking highest. Anyway, there are several types of gods, hebrew gods, greek gods, etc. Hannah is a god alright, but she belongs to no religion. She is a god who isn't known in the human world. Gods are like humans we procreate and make babies. Anyway Hannah isn't ranked as a god.

Okay, now let me explain rankings. Originally gods had to do miracles/heroics to get higher rankings, but somewhere along the line Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades changed the rules. They made it that you had to prank the human beings, and get it recorded. The bigger the prank, the higher the rank you get. To be honest I don't agree with this type of system, but I'm only an angel. Anyway, to get back on track gods go to the realm of the humans, and stay there for 20 years going through the cycles of human life. From birth to growing, to puberty etc. In that 20 years time the angel (me) records all of the gods movements from day 1 second 1. When the gods regain their memory at around age 4-6 then their mission starts.

Hannah is about to go to earth to be reincarnated as a human. I've done several recording jobs before, for a god of death, for a god of fire, for a god of the sun, for a god of food. This is the first time I am going to record a god of love. OH CRAP before I end this I have to talk about gods powers. Like I said before gods procreate with other gods, when new gods are born they are ALWAYS born as twins. The reason? One baby has the power of the dad, and one has the power of the mom. So like if the god of memories, and the god of genetics have babies, on baby will have the power of memories, one of genetics. Hannah is the descendent of two gods of love. So she and her brother are both stronger than their parents. Her brother already started his 20 years.

"Michael C'mon!" says hannah.

"Oh right sorry!" I say back

"Jeez for a descendent of the arch-angel you sure are slow!"

"Shut up!"

"I feel sorry for the humans that hannah is going to make trouble for..." I thought to myself.

A/N: Had to write down again... Seriously I come up with too many ideas. Not very revised so expect it to be confusing. I'm rushed because I have stuff I needed to do. Anyway I like this story, I have endless possiblities, unlike in some stories.