Chapter 1

What should not be...

*Click* The camera shows a backyard with a 14 year old girl standing in the middle.

"Okay Hannah the video camera's on. Time to talk about your growth over the last 14 years regarding magic and what you learned about it. Just lemme put it on this tripod and you'll be set." Michael the Angel told Hannah.

"Got it." Hannah replied with a snotty attitude. Geez...

"And we're rolling." Immediately as Michael said that Hannah magically made a smile appear on her face.

"Magic. The word by itself causes humans to let their imaginations run free. Even though it is such a magical word, learning magic itself is a lot like learning to walk, or to ride a bike. You humans may be asking yourself how does this translate or even compare at all..." As she paused her smile turned wickedly beautiful all of a sudden. "Well SHUT UP, and be grateful a GOD is taking her precious time to speak and explain to you low life humans! Anyway, back to my explanation." The wicked smile disappeared and was replaced by a normal one. "Like riding a bike, in magic you hear a bunch of useless explanations that don't make any sense at all. No matter how hard you try to understand their explanations you can't because it's always something extremely stupid like "I just do it" or "First you do this then you do this." I know the damn basics! What I want to know is what comes after that! Geez! You damn humans and your primitive learning system/process. In heaven they just cast teaching magic on us and *POOF* we know it. It's way more efficient and doesn't require stupid teachers like Micha-" Hannah was cut off by a chop that landed right into her forehead. *THUNK*

"Who's a stupid teacher? Hannah?" The angel Michael asks with a heavy aura of killing intent behind him. Hannah noticing this quickly tries to covert it up. "Um Uhh..." But cannot... Geez Hannah you should be smarter than that!

The angel takes a deep breath and sighs. "Whatever I don't really care anymore. Hurry up with your explanation so we can get this done already."

"Fine! Stupid Michael..." Hannah whispered barely audible.

"What was that?" A familiar killing intent infected the air around them.

"Nothing! Nothing!." Hannah quickly replied. Hannah cleared her throat with a huge *KHMM*

"Anyway you never learn unless you actually do and experience it for yourself. You will mess up a litt-" *Giggle* Hannah quickly looks at Michael who has a complete poker face on. Hannah shrugs it off and starts again.

"You will mess up a little along the way but-" *Chuckle* This time Hannah glares at Michael who still has a poker face on. Hannah now tries to rush through the sentence.

"You will mess up along the way but its okay." Apparently Michael couldn't hold it in any longer as he burst into laughter! Hannah's face became red with anger, as she stared at Michael.

"A little? Your the one who made NPH (Wiki it It's a person btw) gay! You couldn't control your love magic and shot a "Love at first site" bolt out into the world! And it hit him of all people! HAHA!" Michael barely said with all the laughs taking up his oxygen. Hannah's face turned an even brighter red out of embarrassment.

"SHUT UP STUPID MICHAEL!" Hannah turns back towards the camera.

"Anyway before I destroy that useless angel behind me let me finish my thought. Through experience you learn and soon it gets to the point where it's a natural movement. Something you can no longer forget. Magic becomes as easy as moving a body part to me. It's just that easy, no matter how uncomfortable any task/movement is just keep going at it. Your body will adjust. That is one of the many blessings we GODS gave to you poor useless ver-" *WHAM*

Michael knocked out the 14 year old girl in front of the camera, said to the camera "She's really tired today...", turned off said camera, and dragged her inside the house. Now let me explain something. You may be or may not be wondering on why this is in 3rd person point of view. It's not. This is 1st person Point of view.

I put down the binoculars I was holding onto my desk. I looked for my pen and paper and labeled the date. February 8th 2007. Hannah and Michael make yet another odd video. *Scribble* went the pen as I wrote down everything I saw and my observations... Ok admit it. Who thought I was some sort of stalker? If you think so, your wrong. My name is George, but for some reason Oz for short. It's really odd, and never made sense to me. Back to the topic on hand, I am Hannah's supposed childhood friend. The reason I use the word "Supposed" here is because from the info I gathered it seems that Hannah is much older than she lets on. I don't mean that she isn't 14 years old like me, but I'm not saying she is either. Her human body is 14 years old and that is a fact but in reality (if she is a god) then she is probably much older. I mean the terms God and Angel are holy terms that originate from WAAY back, so my assumption is that they are old as well. I have no Idea why a God and an Angel came to our town but I will find out. No I SWEAR! I didn't know it at the time but I would find the truth about one minute after I said this phrase.

"I, Oz hereby swear the the God Hannah and the Archangel Michael to find out the truth!"

As Oz said that phrase a thin stream of light unseeable to the human eye shot up into the sky. The light traveled even faster than the supposed "Speed of Light". Somewhere along the way the beam tears into a cloud and splits into two different beams. Continuing to travel at a speed faster than light they speed to the heavens where they finally collide with two different hourglasses floating among the clouds of Heaven itself. The light lite up the area As this happened the hourglasses began to change. A number appeared on the bottom part of the hourglasses. The number 0 changed into a 1. Then the light faded...

Immediately I awoke from my "Slumber" and looked around for Michael. *WHAM* OOH HOLY SHIT! I almost said aloud as the door bursts open as Michael tackled it. We both looked at each other, we were both glowing a faded but holy yellow. We both looked at each other in disbelief. "This power is..." I started to say... until I remembered what reside in my pocket. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small hourglass, and looked at it. The number on the bottom part of the hourglass is suppose to be 0 but it's a 1! Michael must have looked at his too as we both said "NO WAY" Simultaneously. This is a... Worship Point? From who? We both ran outside to answer that question. It didn't take long to see the trail the beam left behind. We traced it back to the source, a house... Why did it look familiar to me. Michael immediately grew both of his wings out and flew towards the house with maximum speed.

"WAIT!" I cried out in vain as Michael was already gone...

This is bad... I'm a unknown God I'm not supposed to be worshiped. Neither is an Angel. It's taboo even. The taboo has a severe punishment for the gods but for the worshiper its worse... The person who worshiped the unknown god... Is sentenced to the underworld... *Click* I remembered why that house looked familiar to me... It was my best friend's house. It was Oz's house...

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