Hide and Seek
he wants to play a game:
see how deep i can
bury myself between
these walls. i try to wish on
dandelions through the window
(i think they cannot
feel me, i think no one
can anymore). tonight is full
of quivering stars up
past their bedtimes;
they abandoned night and
dark overflowed, too thick
for the moon. so oceans
snapped with severed
spinal cords and swallowed
up the earth (mountain
tops and all). i unscrewed
the light bulbs and broke
them in my hands (muffled
with a pillow). burrowed
into the corners and scrapes
of this room, i am trying to
escape in the shadows at
the back of my eyes, but
i was not blinded to him.
he captures me in his
tunnel vision. firecracker
in my throat—split the sky
with shrill lightning climbing
to the finish:
BANGBANG, the lights fade.