don't listen when they say
big boys don't cry
real men don't blubber
because it's bullshit
people who don't cry
still feel the pain
you feel right now
they just don't have the courage
to show the world
they whisper to just the pillow
that they are dying a little inside

I don't blame you for tear-staining my dress
I cannot hold it against you
after I told you all that
but it meant I had to be the strong one

the one to brush away your tears
to hold you in my shorter arms
and stroke your head to soothe you
I am the woman who you hold beside you
when you can take my weight
but when the world is upon your shoulders
I am the one who cries to her pillow at night
because I kept the tears at bay
when I promised a better tomorrow
and wiped your tear tracks away