A/N: I used to have this posted on DeviantART before I deactivated my account. Decided to post it here. Question: Have you ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere, physically and emotionally?


She's standing in 100-degree heat,
denim skirt hugging her thighs,
spaghetti strap hanging off her shoulder,
eyes focused on her cell phone
as she leans against the tail gate
of the pickup. "Got a signal?" I ask.
She pauses then shakes her head.

She walks around, her too-large
cowboy boots clunking on the asphalt
and holds up her phone, cursing
God, me, AT&T and the whole state
of West Virginia. But not herself, oh no.
Never mind those two rum and Cokes,
those four hours of sleep,
her lead foot and loud mouth -
that tree hit her, not the other way around.

I don't say a word.
Arms crossed over my chest,
eyes squinting against the glare
of the sun, I wait and think
of all the ways I could be worse off.
A shirtless boy in a convertible
drives by. She waves at him to stop,
but he just honks and keeps going.

"Damn it!" she yells, her fingers
smoothing back her disheveled hair.
She groans, glances both ways,
chooses one, and starts walking.
I watch her hips swing back and forth,
hear the rhythmic thud of her boots.
She pulls the spaghetti strap back
over her shoulder.

Then she realizes I'm not with her
and turns around. "Are you coming?"

I take one last look at the truck
before abandoning it to follow her.