24 Epilog

One day not long after I got home, instead of going right home, I rode up to the city cemetery and walked around until I located the "Miller" section, the grave wasn't hard to find, the re-laid sod hadn't re-thatched itself. I stood there looking at the marker "Ted Miller Beloved son of John and Brenda Miller

Born January 30 1992 died August 21 2010

There was even one of those ceramic medallions with Ted's picture mounted on the stone, I took a necklace out of my pocket and hung it around the medallion I took the gum I was chewing and pressed it over the chain against the stone to hole it in place. I then stood up and said, "I sorry too Ted that things just didn't work out between us, It's time I moved on with my lifeā€¦Rest in peace Ted Miller.

I stood there another moment, shook my head and walked away.