Religion homework.
Our religion teacher never ceases to give us homework.

WilliamSock poked HaroldSock in his shoulder. Today was a good day. It didn't matter that it was freezing outside, and inside too, because of the broken heater, or that he and HaroldSock had a math test he forgot to study for, or that he had finally come out to CatherineSock.

Actually, he was happy because he had finally come out to CatherineSock. She had promised to stop flirting with him, and that was something.

WilliamSock poked HaroldSock in his shoulder again. HaroldSock grumbled, face on his copy of SockPride and ShoePrejudice, glasses folded neatly next to his hair. WilliamSock still loved that mess of red hair, but if HaroldSock didn't want anything to do with him romantically, he'd keep his thoughts and sometimes his hands to himself.

WilliamSock kicked HaroldSock. HaroldSock finally jumped up and turned to WilliamSock with half-closed eyes.

'You look tired, Fire Truck.'

The corner of HaroldSock's mouth twitched upward at the new nickname, but he nodded distractedly and set his head back on the book.

'Wild night?' as if HaroldSock would have a wild night.

'Books, organising and –' HaroldSock yawned '- more organising.' He cast a side-glance at his best friend.

'What organising?' WilliamSock half-whispered. He'd been the first person to class and, thankfully, had saved both himself and HaroldSock beanbags at the back of the classroom. HaroldSock was naturally opposed to this because the next period was recess anyway, but WilliamSock protested that he had stuff to say which couldn't wait.

HaroldSock turned his head. 'Just a bit of fun for you. Wednesday night.'

'My mum told me about AndySock, you know.'

HaroldSock's head finally shot up. 'She did what?!' he hissed. 'Oh, my God, and I thought I planned –' He paused and looked at WilliamSock. WilliamSock was glaring.

'Yeah, this is my mum we're talking about, you know.'

'Sorry. But… yeah. Wednesday night. Be there. Bring a top hat.'

'I'm not bringing a top hat.'

'Yeah, no top hat. Don't bring a top hat. No top hat.' HaroldSock rested his head on his book again.

WilliamSock leaned over. 'Be where?'

'You're excited for this? Good. We haven't planned that bit yet.'

'Dude. Monday. Whole weekend organising. Organisation's your thing. Don't tell me you planned the day, time and date, but not the place.'

'SockLord, I dunno. We did. Whatever. Pay attention in class.' And with that, the conversation was over.

What seemed like an age later, after the morning's classes were finished, WilliamSock cornered HaroldSock again. 'You know, I don't know this AndySock.'

'I wouldn't expect you to. Chess pal.'

'Right… can you tell me about him?' As weird as it was, WilliamSock was feeling impatient for Wednesday to come.

HaroldSock pulled a few books out of his bag and said, 'Library. I have to return these anyway. They're almost overdue…'

WilliamSock sighed. Not the library again…

After returning the Adventures of TimHuman books he had borrowed, HaroldSock was sitting next to WilliamSock, sitting on the very beanbags WilliamSock had made his big revelation on.

WilliamSock fidgeted on the bright pink beanbag. He had already quietly acknowledged to himself that he wanted to meet AndySock, whoever he was; but having a date with a guy who he would know through his nerdy best friend was... kind of hard to come to terms with.

HaroldSock was still getting comfortable, wriggling around and leaning awkwardly on nearby beanbags. 'About AndySock... Yeah, he's a nice guy. You'll like him.'

WilliamSock stared. 'That's it?'

HaroldSock nodded and rested his head in his hands. 'I'm tired. Wake me up when the bell goes or something. We'll talk about Wednesday tomorrow… I might have things sorted by then.'

'You usually have things sorted a week in advance or something.'

But HaroldSock just waved his best friend away and began snoring.

WilliamSock sighed and stared at the grey walls until the bell rang.

It was hard enough for WilliamSock to let Monday pass without bothering HaroldSock more. He couldn't stop fidgeting for the remainder of the school day, or on the walk back home. He had trouble concentrating on his homework (but eventually got through it) and could hardly sleep that night.

The next morning, WilliamSock figured out he must have slept. He didn't remember waking up, but he didn't remember staring at the ceiling all night either. Finding he had nothing important to do that morning, he simply washed himself, ate a handful of lint and walked out the front door, being careful to not wake his mum.

As on usual Tuesdays, he stopped at HaroldSock's house, waiting for him to stumble out, a heavy bag on his back and several books clutched to his SockChest.

This Tuesday, he emerged looking less tired than yesterday, but still tired, with no books under his arm.

WilliamSock waited for him to walk across the front yard. As soon as HaroldSock was next to him, he asked, 'What's happening tomorrow night?'

'You're going on a date, that's what.'

'Time and place? Do I still need a top hat?'

'Bring a top hat if you want. I have one of my dad's. Tomorrow night. After school, actually. It'll be at my house.' In response to WilliamSock's incredulous stare, he added, 'And I'll be in my room when you two are in the spare room. I've left a chessboard there and everything.'

'How often will you intrude?'

'Maybe… I'm your Food-Bringer. A couple of times in the night. And when it's over, you socks will go home and I'll clean up your mess.'

'I have two more questions. One: Why are you assuming we'll make a mess? Two: How do I not know this AndySock guy? Three: Why the heck did you want a chessboard there?'

'That's three questions.'

'Then I had three questions. Answer them.'

HaroldSock sighed. 'WilliamSock, I'm in the all-powerful position of Date-Maker. Shut up before I call it off.'

WilliamSock promptly shut his mouth while HaroldSock continued: 'You'll make a mess because AndySock is messy, and you're kind of messy. You don't know AndySock because he doesn't go to our school, and even if he did, you wouldn't know him.'

'I know you.'

'You threw a ball at my face and he's an interschool chess player. And I wanted a chessboard there because he'd kick your ass, and I want your ass kicked.'

'Don't swear.'

'I'm talking about a donkey.'

'Well, thanks for wanting to kick my donkey. I'll just go through the day. In suspense… waiting… not knowing anything about this sock…'

HaroldSock looked at his watch. 'It's eight-thirty. You can live for a few hours.'

'Maybe not.'

'Okay, put it this way: If you don't survive these few hours, you have no date to look forward to.'

That finally shut WilliamSock up.

Lunchtime came. WilliamSock didn't have much time to bother HaroldSock in class or during recess, as he was preoccupied with his schoolwork. Yes, he even did his work during recess to give him some much-needed free time tonight. He decided he'd use HaroldSock's hat just for the heck of it, and planned to spend that evening at HaroldSock's house, no matter how much HaroldSock may protest.

When HaroldSock finally came outside, he took a seat next to WilliamSock and began, 'I gotta tell you something.'

'Knock yourself out, Fire Truck.'

HaroldSock took a deep breath. 'You know, I made a costume of you.'

WilliamSock blinked. 'You… what?! I don't know if I should be flattered or worried, HaroldSock, but what the hell?!'

HaroldSock ripped his lint packet open, his eyes trained on the ground. 'Yeah, whatever. Do you want to keep it?'

'Whatever, I'm flattered. I'll take it tonight.'

'It'll be nice if you don't hang around for a long time. I've still got organising to do.'

'I'll help you.'

'No, I'm fine.'

'Seriously, Fire Truck, I will. And you're all short and uncoordinated. You could use some help.' WilliamSock paused. 'And did you ever actually use this costume?'

HaroldSock shifted uncomfortably. 'Maybe.'

'I don't know how to take this. I think I'll eat my lunch on my own today.'

I'll try to update on time next time. I think the next chapter will be relatively easy to write…