House of the Yokai

Pakura wandered into the old house they called the 'Yokai House'.
Laughing quietly to herself, she looked around and picked a flower growing from the morning glory vines trailing around the house's walls.
It looked like a grand old house.
Suddenly there was a creak, and Pakura turned to see a boy about her age, wearing the traditional dress of the Japanese.

"Why do you laugh, girl?"

Pakura backed away, a look of awe and bewilderment mixing upon her tanned face.

"Are you Japanese?"
"Yes, why do you ask? I laughed because they said the inhabitants of this old house were fearsome yokai. Although I find it's only a cute boy."

She smiled, but he shook his head.

"I am pleased my looks draw you in, Pakura, but I'm not a mere boy. I am a yokai."
"You're…. A yasha!"

He smiled and brushed his black hair back.
A swirling design adorned his pale forehead.
Pakura blinked, then took a few steps forward.

"Y-you're a yasha-yokai? I've never heard of them."
"I'm part of the last few. My eye only opens when I summon animals, though."
"I see."

Pakura let out a breath of awe.
He smiled again.

"I'm sorry, I haven't told you my name, yet I know yours."
"Yeah, you're right…."
"I'm Hiro Katoki. Sixteen years old; commander-in-chief of the yokai clan."

Pakura took a step back.

"Commander-in-chief? You're kidding me!"
"I'm not, Pakura-chan."

She blushed, and pulled her sweater closer around her.

"I should be going now. Hiro-san, I'll see you later…."

Hiro laughed, and suddenly he was behind her.
Brushing back her long black hair, he pecked her on the cheek and tugged possessively on her hand.

"I'm not offended if you're scared of me. I understand. Be happy though it wasn't Kimura that greeted you; he's plenty scarier."

And then he disappeared, leaving behind a very shaken Pakura.

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