June 23, 2012

It was a vacation on some crazy island. All of it was crazy: the people, the place, the atmosphere. It didn't sit right. No, it just didn't right with me at all.

I don't remember what we were doing, my family and I. My aunt and my mom were probably sunbathing with my sister... I might have been sunbathing too. My little cousin was in the water; my dad was God-knows-where. It was very comforting and pleasant. I didn't know the date or time. Just knew the sun was above us, and we were enjoying its company.

Then something went wrong. Very wrong. I don't remember what it was, but I believe it was an attack. I don't know who it was, but there were bombs dropping on the island everywhere.

I yelled; I screamed for my family to move. Few people had begun running to the airport, and we were no different. We ran with all our might to the airport, screaming as every bomb came crashing down around us, bringing forth a gust of sand.

The airport didn't have planes. There was a train at the station in the airport that took down in an underwater tunnel to a nearby island, but it wasn't working. There were the blue capsules left. One could fit fifty people. It was similar to a flare; it would shoot up, then gently land wherever the coordinates presided.

My mom still wanted to try the train. I grabbed her and pulled her forward, telling her this was our only way out, and for her not to be foolish. A few capsules were sent off; none of them had made it to land so far.

There were only five spaces left inside the capsule. My dad kissed us and told us he'd get the next one. I nodded, my face streaming with tears. We entered the capsule and took our spots.

There were no chairs.

The interior felt like foam.

You had to hold on to bars to keep from falling.

I was absolutely terrified; yet, this was the only way out. I bit my lip and the capsule took off as if it were slung by a slingshot.

Everything exploded into a bright light. I didn't understand where it was coming from. There were few windows.

Nobody screamed.

Suddenly, I felt the capsule descending back to the earth to a nearby island. We weren't going to make it.

Nobody screamed. The capsule gently collided with the sand of a super small island not far off. Everyone quickly exited the capsule to watch the destruction.

The island was so minuscule that I could see all the land and the sea beyond it. I could run around the shore line frantically and circle the whole island. We watched the horror as the island we were just on got continuously bombarded.

The amazing water park was destroyed.

The beach was engulfed in sand.

Bits of the airport flew into pieces.

People were running around near me, screaming, crying. Some of their loved ones had been killed. Others were just unable to take it and were running into the water. One tripped, fell, and never came back up.

Suddenly, I spotted a bomb coming towards us. I yelled for my family to run. They did as they were told to run towards the other end of the island, but we didn't get far.

We were flung into the air by the impact. My mouth was filled with sand as I got up to witness the aftermath. We were only meters away.

A person, more specifically a woman, lied there, headless. Her skin was tattered in several places... but she was headless. Bits of raw flesh were scattered. Bits of raw flesh from her head. A little girl grabbed her body, clinging on to her.

"Mama!" the little girl wailed, little beady tears falling down her face, "Mama, no! Mama!" She was a small little Mexican girl, no older than six. Her mother's blood covered her shirt now, but she refused to let go. Another woman, her hands now only stumps, was running around, profusely bleeding everywhere.

"I could have saved her! With the hands I had!" she yelled, running around the beach.

"I could have pushed her out of the way! I could saved her!" she screamed.

"My hands! Oh, my God, my hands!" she hollered, falling to the ground and rolling around in the sand until the sand mixed in with the blood. She lost her mind. I stepped back, tears streaming down my face. I became nauseous and threw up. I choked up sobs.

We had to help the people on that island. I called who was left together to tear apart the flimsy capsule into two halves to form a boat. We used thicker strips of the other half of the capsule to form oars.

We left my sister and my cousin behind. My cousin was screaming, begging to come with us. My sister looked like she was ready to die. Her eyes were frantic.

Then I remembered. The last capsule never came.

I looked up in the sky, hoping to find any sign of the last capsule. And there it was. Hurling in the air, spinning. People trying to cling on to the sides, but failing, falling to the harsh sea below. I watched in horror as the capsule crashed into another island, completely ripping apart and combusting.

My dad... he was gone. He was either on the other island, blown to bits, or in that capsule, burning alive. I stopped rowing, thinking of my dad.

You know, they say before you die, you see everything in slow motion. And that's what happened. I had stopped rowing and looked around to the people around me, their eyes streaming with tears. Some were covered in blood.

Some refused to give up.

Some already had.

I glanced up at the sky once more only to find a bomb heading our way. I didn't fret. I thought of my dad dying.

"I could have saved her..." the woman thrashing in the sand murmured.

"Mama..." the little girl wailed, looking up at the heavens.

"My hands..." the woman whispered, crying. I closed my eyes before they could fill with tears. Waiting for the collision.

And then I woke up.