There was once a clarinet,

Who really liked a

certain snare drum.

The snare drum didn't like

The clarinet,

But the snare drum's friend,

The saxophone,

And a second clarinet

Wanted the clarinet

to accompany

Another saxophone.

The clarinet loved the

snare drum, though.

His steady rhythm

Was her heartbeat.


The Saxophone and the

Second clarinet refused

To give up.

The clarinet always said no,

But never told them why.


The only song her heart

Could play was a love song,

With a seven minute long

Drum solo.

Her best friends

Were a vocalist,

And another percussionist,

Who liked a certain

Want-to-be guitarist.

The clarinet appreciated

Their steady melody,

No matter how much

She sometimes

Critiqued their music.


They had a habit of

Skipping rehearsal.

Even if the clarinet

Wanted them to become

Balanced and Blended

With the snare drum.

Whenever the he played,

The clarinet's stanza would

Skip a beat.

Even though the snare drum,

Would never want

A clarinet accompanist,

Her music reached

A crescendo.

To never,