Back then, I didn't know the meaning of love or affection . I was really clueless about it, to be honest. Taeng explained to me that it's a feeling inside that makes you feel all weird. Even if it is a childish way of saying it, I bet it's true.

It's been a couple of days since, Taeng showed me Victory, I was already level 14 in a couple of days. I really enjoyed playing, to be honest, I didn't even know online games were this fun. I got to know Keit more and he was a really cool guy. But, we're at school today...I think I should start focus on the work...yeah, right.

"Hey, Lamai...I can't play Victory today with you, I'm going to grind a dungeon with Doph." she didn't look at me, she just stared into a manga book. " It's cause there's more exp today and I want to level up to 28 already."

"Okay, I mean, I already know how to-" I paused...she still calls him Doph even, even if we know his real name? This girl...

"What?" she asked me, it looked like she was glaring a bit.

I stared at her and she stared back, we both didn't say a word. Just when I was about to say something, class started and we had to be quiet. The teacher silently handed out a test, which I did not study for at all. I sighed and looked down at the paper...I knew only two questions, well it was the last class of the day...

I kept looking down to look like I was working on the test, but I was was May 5, school was almost out. Maybe, during the summer Taeng and I will get to see each other more. I really wish our friendship doesn't stop just because of summer...I don't want that.

With a blank expression, I answered the questions quickly, since it was multiple answer. I'm sure I will fail...but who cares, my grades are fine, so it won't be a problem. When I was done, I gave it to the teacher and as fast as I could I went to my seat.

I held my breath for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about the game...I wanted to play so badly. So, I looked at Taeng to ask if she was coming over today (even if she might not play with me) or going straight home, but she was asleep, maybe she over worked herself last night because of the secret job she got to help out the family.

My eyes softened...I felt kind of bad for her. I mean, my parents do have their mistakes, epically my father (Who I hate, I have many reasons why, not anything to do with clothes or anything, just personal things). Taeng family wasn't even a family anymore, well after the divorce, her little brother lives with her father and her two older brothers moved out without saying anything. While, her mom is barely coming home, she's practically all alone inside that house, yet she acts so strong...I can tell she's dying in the inside, so I invite her over sometimes to eat or to sleep over.

I stared at her for another minute or two, then went to stare outside the window again. There was clouds outside, it looks as if it was going to rain...maybe. Then, looked down at my desk...thinking about Victory, I wanted to go back. I started staring at the floor and forgot where I was...

" Lamai..." I felt someone poke my face " I'm going ahead, Lamai."

I nodded unknowingly, still a little in this day dream of mine. I mean, I was still thinking about it...maybe, I'll level up today! Then, I went back to the day dream.

Everyone had left the room while, I was still there. The teacher noticed I was still there and smack a ruler on my desk.


I woke up and I looked at the clock. Then, I noticed that Taeng wasn't with me...where did she say she was going. All I remember her saying she'll go ahead, what does that mean again. Did she go on the bus already or is she still in school.

"Oh, sorry..." I got my stuff together and walked to the door. "Bye...Ms...TEACHER." I ran away before the teacher could say anything, it was almost the end of the year and I still don't know all my teacher's names.

I took out my phone and looked for Taeng name...Then I face palmed...Taeng doesn't bring her phone to school. Yet again, how hard is it to find a tall girl ...she kind of sticks out. Yeah, right...

Only a few minutes past and finding Taeng wasn't so easy than I that. Just when I was about to give up and run to my bus before it leaves without me, I saw her talking with someone...a guy. My face lit up, maybe this might be a sprouting of love, I see.

I hid behind some lockers out in the hallway, trying to watch them without getting seen. Taeng looked the same, sad as always. But she did have a smile...Then I looked at the guy he looked older than us. but, maybe he was in the same grade. To be honest, he was really good looking.

I saw them exchange papers...of course something written on it. What could it be? A phone number, maybe. Only thing I could think of...OH MY TAENG IS GROWING UP. As I was fangirling behind the lockers, Taeng started walking and saw me.

"L-Lamai!...What are you doing here?" I looked at me and I froze. "You didn't see..."

"Oh yes, I did~ ...Now, tell me about this guy." I said putting my arm around her.

She looked down and laughed...I bet she knew what I was talking about.

"Oh" She started laughing again. "He's just someone who play Victory too, I found out by listening to him and his friends. We were going to meet in town in the game."

I stopped walking and looked at her...Was she serious, THIS WASN'T A GUY SHE LIKED.

"Are you serious, Taeng?...So he wasn't someone you like?"

"You kidding me, he might be good looking, smart in academics and games...but he's just not my type." I shrugged and continued walking.

Was she serious, that guy was seriously H.O.T and he's smart in both school and games...that sounds like someone Taeng would like but...if she says so, then whatever. I swear, with this kind of personality, she's not going to get anyone in her life.

"Ah, Lamai you gotta hurry, the bus might leave without you!" Taeng yelled at me while poking my face.

"You're not coming over today?" I said a bit sadly "I was hoping to talk to you about something tonight."

"Sorry, I have to go home early to play Victory with Keit-" She stopped at looked at me like I didn't notice, of course I did but, I didn't want to say anything. " I mean, Doph...T-then go to work!"

I nodded and saw her walk to the other exit to her house.

"MAKE SURE YOU EAT DINNER TAENG!" I yelled at her, forgetting I was still in the hallway.

She nodded at me then laughed, waving good-bye to me.

I sighed and walked to the exit I left in, I'll talk to her maybe online...So it won't be so bad. I mean, her job doesn't start until I guess it will be okay.

Speaking of her job, I never asked what it was about or what she does. Now, that I think about it, she's never said nor complained about her job too...I hope it's nothing bad. Oh, my poor Taeng having to work at this age...But I'm wonder what job accepts 14 year olds. Oh well, as long as she's not doing anything bad...I'm fine with it.

As I got outside, the sun shining really bright it burned my eyes, a bit. I got onto the bus and took my seat. Closing my eyes and listening to the screams and yells of the annoying kids inside the bus. I'll be honest, I'll miss the sound of them during the summer. Most of the summer I'll be online or out with Taeng.

My thoughts kept going through my head, I lost track of time and almost missed my stop. I ran off the bus and bursted into the door (that seems to be unlocked). I yelled I'm home and ran upstairs to get online. I know I have homework...but, I'LL DO IT LATER, or never.

"Lamai, you want anything to eat?" my mom asked me while making snacks for my sister and her.

"I'm good, mom...I'll be in my room if you need me!" I slammed my door and turned on my computer. Taeng must be online at this time. She must be.

As my computer turned on, I got out my phone to look at the time...this was about the time when everyone gets online for the game. So, I should be able to get a decent group for dungeons. Also knowing the time, I should be able to know how many time I'll level up since there extra exp today. Why can't school be this simple and easy?

I started up the game and picked my character. Once I got online I got instantly put inside a group with Taeng and Keit, with them both saying my name...I started typing:

SoulEnvious: LAMAIIII kfnd ; 3 ;

Doph: Lamai!

KawaiiFaither: owo'' hey guys...

KawaiiFaither: btw Taeng I might have to have a talk with you late...

SoulEnvious: ...NOOO NOT THE TALK, ANYTHING BUT THE TALK...wait which talk? o-o''

KawaiiFaith: It's just about you and your health problems and stuff...=w=

I waited for the reply to started to get a bit quiet after I said that...I was scared to say anything else. Then:

SoulEnvious: Whatever lol :L


I sigh, she was always like this...always not caring about her. It really pissed me off when she does that. Oh, well she might act like she doesn't care...but I know she does, she just worries about others more than herself.

After that, I left the group so they can go to the higher level dungeons. Of course I left a little left out, but I'll just have to level up with I want to catch up, you know. So I joined a random group and played with them.

It hit eight and Taeng left, I forgot to talk to her...Oh well...Not like I'll help her in anyway.

I got a whisper message from Keit (or Doph if you don't remember) saying that he'll help me level up. I replied with okay. We both met up in town, formed a group and started going into dungeons.

We got to talk more and I learned so much more about him. We exchanged phone numbers before I knew it (I also gave him Taeng's) and started texting each other.

I felt the inside of me feeling really weird and fluffy. I felt my face heat up when I read something from him...This was the time..

When I really did fall in love.