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"Infatuation, Not Love"

They met in math class, when she was a new student and she was supposed to sit in the seat across and down one from his. They didn't talk much at first, until the three of them, her, him, and this other girl Claire, had to go sit with another boy who happened to be a troublemaker. It definitely got funnier and warmer once they moved. He even talked to her! Really, by the end of that school year they were all friends.

He moved into a house across the street and one house down from hers. They met at the end of her driveway in the morning during the school year to get on the bus. He saw her everyday, whether he wanted to or not. At first, he didn't really care because she was just someone he could talk to until his friends showed up.

He had come to this conclusion a few days after they started this cycle. They'd wait for the bus together, joking and calling each other silly names, then talk to each other for a minute at most, until his best friend (of the bus, that is) came and he didn't really talk to her. She'd just sit there and have to talk to the loud tall girl that no one really likes. He didn't notice how much he appreciated having someone to talk to until a week after he moved and she didn't sit in the "worst seat on the bus" to talk to him for that one minute anymore. She sat at the back of the bus like she did before he moved. She sat with the loud, funny, not the smartest- but socially mature girls. The ones who knew what was going on, and didn't take shit from anyone.

Of course, he wouldn't let on at all about how he noticed when she went to the back of the bus. The boys take up the first seven rows of seats, and the girls take the back five. He had no control over it, it was no sweat. Sure, he was quiet and not talking for a little tiny while before someone else got on…but eventually she didn't really joke and laugh with him while they waited for the bus. Not that it mattered…he just wanted something other than coffee to wake him up in the morning.

Right as school was about to end for the summer- it was just a week away; he could taste it- his girlfriend moved right across the street from him, right next to his female "bus friend". Naturally he and his girlfriend spent a lot of time at each other's houses.

"Hey, you're friends with her right? What's her name again?" Piper, his girlfriend asked him one day, when they were at her place. They were looking out the window towards the back of the house, at the girl, who was stretching, wearing tennis shoes, shorts, and a tight-ish tank top. He told Piper the girl's name.

"Ever since I moved into this place she's been running into the woods every single day. She disappears for two hours or longer, and I'm pretty sure she's running the entire time, because she comes out all sweaty and gross," Piper scrunched her nose as she thought of the girl all sweaty.

"Of course you would say that," he joked with her. She playfully swatted him on the chest and watched the girl disappear into the woods.

Over the course of the next few weeks, he would watch the girl disappear into the pine trees enough that he could say that he was slightly obsessed with watching her go. Where did she go anyway?

Piper's a bitch. During school, at "The Math Table" as he and the girl called it in the morning, when he revealed who he was dating, Troublemaker and Claire were absolutely shocked, and repulsed at Piper's name. How could even this boy date her? The girl had looked at the other three at the table, because she didn't know who they were talking about. She was still new. Of course, a few months later, she knew exactly who Piper was.

"Don't listen to them," she'd said about the others at the table. "They just don't understand her. Piper's simply fifteen. She's a teenager, and so are you. You're just nicer, and a little more awkward. She's nice, I guess." The "I guess" part wasn't exactly reassuring, but at least he knew somebody who liked Piper other than her best friend Bonnie.

The girl didn't actually like Piper, though. Misunderstood, as typical teenagers go, Piper could be a little less of a snitch, and she could be nicer and less controlling towards those who actually acted nice to her. She was manipulative too, but the girl wasn't going to push it. If she kept thinking these thoughts eventually Piper was going to eat her, like she probably did to other people who dared to call her these things.

The most dominant reason she didn't like Piper though, was because Piper broke up with him for any reason. Then, she'd apologize over the phone, and ask for his forgiveness, and then they'd get back together. For a single fight, they'd break up for a day, and he'd be way more devastated than she'd be. The girl just didn't see that as fair.

So, eventually he came to the decision that he'd rather be with someone who could make him laugh, then someone who only laughed at his jokes, because they themselves couldn't be funny. He also wanted a girl who wasn't afraid to say she didn't like most modern romantic comedies, because they were unrealistic and not funny. He wanted someone who wasn't always bossy, and when they were they were able to laugh at themselves. Yeah, he wanted someone who could laugh at themselves, and didn't care if he messed with their hair.

He wanted the girl he called Kitty Cat because of her cute temper and the way her nose shriveled up at certain things. He wanted the girl who called him Twitchy McStutter because he could get twitchy and start stuttering when he was excited or nervous. If they were being fair though, being next to Troublemaker and Kitty Cat could bring that out of him.

Piper didn't take the break up well. Twitchy just sat there, waiting for her to calm down a little. She was ranting and yelling and calling him every name under the sun, and he felt bad, but not very much. She just wasn't very nice. When Piper stopped, and stared at him with slightly watery eyes, he stared back.

"Why?" she whispered hoarsely. He shrugged. If she wanted the truth, he had feelings for a girl who was actually better than she was.

"Why," Piper demanded. Twitchy sighed.

"I just think we've gotten everything out of the relationship that we could get," he answered. He started to remember the bruise he had on his stomach from when he told her a slightly offending joke, and she "playfully" hit him. Then he joked that she was abusive, he was in an abusive relationship, and there's another bruise beside the first one.

"Fine," she snapped. "Now get out. I hate you." For now, yeah, she does. She'd get over it in a month though, and move on to a football player who could take the pain of dating her.

He left and checked his watch. Kitty Cat would be out in just a couple of minutes. He decided to stretch, because he was going to run with her today. He just had to.

To his surprise, he heard her front door open instead of her back door. She hopped, one leg at a time, hopscotch style, down the steps. She was wearing black shorts, high enough for him to see the scar some fire ants left behind on her mid thigh. She was wearing a gray tank top, and he wondered if she meant to tease him, because the short was tight and the fact that she had boobs was obvious. She wasn't showing severe cleavage or anything, the shirt was just tight. She was athletic, and it showed in her stomach.

"Hey, Twitch! What's up, you look a little somber," she commented. He noticed how she used big words that you didn't hear a lot. He teased her about that a lot.

"Piper and I just broke up," he heard himself say. He was just staring at her. Her hair was auburn, but it leaned way towards red than brown.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She actually seemed genuinely sorry. Piper wouldn't have been sorry. Twitchy smiled at her, and it was actually real.

"Don't be. Our relationship was more like being her Ken Barbie that she could just manipulate and dress up. I think the break up was long overdue." Kitty Cat smiled, but it was controlled, and he smiled at her a little less now, but he was still fine with it.

"Go ahead; poke your fun at her. I know you want to," he told her. She sighed, and looked at him gratefully.

"I tried to like her, really! She's pretty and smart, she'll probably end up being a politician's wife, but she's just not very nice. You need someone who knows how to calm you down naturally, not someone who beats the excitement out of you!" she exclaimed. She took a swig of water from the bottle she had in her hand, and he watched her.

"Do you mind if I ran with you today? I've noticed that you jog in the woods…but I guess not today?" She looked back at her door.

"Yeah, I was planning on changing it up. Sure, I guess you can run with me…if you can keep up," she winked.

"Oh, I think you'll be eating my dust Cat!" She started sprinting down the side of the quiet road, and he chased after her. She was on the track team, and he played soccer. Running wasn't a problem for them.

They ran side by side for at least twenty minutes. Finally, he gave up, because she was too fast to be this consistent.

"Hey, hey, slow down, would ya? I'm dying! Ah! Dying! Help me!" He started out serious and ended it joking. She turned around, and smiled at his bent figure. His hands were on his knees.

"Aw, poor Twitchy McStutter! Alright, I guess we can chill for a minute. You're gonna have to walk though," she told him. He smiled at her, and stood up. He took her water bottle and chugged half of what was left. She rolled her eyes, and did that Kitty-like nose-scrunchy thing. He smiled at her.

"That's good stuff." She rolled her eyes again.

"Whatever, Twitchy. Now you steal things too. That's great, I'm friends with a thief," she said dryly. He laughed. They walked on for several minutes.

"I think I love you," he told her randomly. His voice was even, and his tone was meant for light conversation. She stopped. She studied him.

"No, you don't," she said, mirroring the way he spoke. He scrunched his eyebrows.

"How could you know that?" he challenged her. Her right foot stuck out, and her hip did the same, and she ran a hand through her hair. She put her other hand on her other hip, and he knew she was getting ready to say something serious.

"First, you're fifteen. You're in high school, and I'd like to know why you think you love me."

"You're perfect." She smiled the same sympathetic smile at him when Piper and he broke up for forty-eight hours about a month ago.

"No, I'm not. You love me because I'm perfect, or so you say. You're just infatuated with me. You don't really love me. If you did, you'd understand and accept that I wasn't perfect."

He was confused.

"You're confusing," he told her. She sighed, and turned around, facing where they had come from.

"I know, but you'll understand it eventually." He could tell she was about to run off, but he stopped her.

"You'll still go out with me, right? I mean, people date if they just like each other, right?" She smiled at him.

"Next week. We don't want Piper to think that you only broke up with her just to go out me," she paused. "Even though it's obvious that's why you did it." He guffawed, and slung an arm around her, to keep her from running.

"A little egotistical, are we?" he said with humor.

"Well, how could I not be, someone just told me they love me."

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