6 Months from now.

The car collapsed under Kya as she impacted into the small vehicle. Falling to the ground, she quickly struggled back to her feet. She then rolled to the side as a truck slammed into the already destroyed car. Another quickly followed, this one with its unfortunate inhabitants still inside.

Kya quickly flew up to intercept the incoming vehicle, and using her superior strength, caught the vehicle. She flew down the street, and placed the car down along the road, which promptly took off the second its wheels touched the ground.

"Well, don't all thank me at once!" Kya yelled after the car. "Jackass."

"Watch your back, Inginn princess."

Kya turned at hearing Clyde's voice, and was pitched forward as he impacted into her stomach. Clyde did not end his attack there, continuing to fly forward, until he slammed Kya into a building side. As one of the few people on the planet who can actually hurt her, his fists were a bit of a wakeup call, as it had been a while since she had received any major damage since gaining her powers.

Clyde slammed his fists into her face over and over, each leaving the area of impact a bit more swollen than the last. Blood started to pour from her mouth and nose, and her struggles started to decrease in strength and number.

"And now, you fucking bitch. I am going to get you back for all the pain you've caused me." He growled as he reared a fist one last time, only this time it glowed an evil red color. As the color reached its apex he brought his fist down, with the intent on ending the fight.