On a winter's night,

All the stars were out,

The world was painted white,

And you were looking about.

The snow clung to your eyes,

And cold air took your hands,

The clouds made from your sighs,

Made my heart expand.

Do you remember what I said,

Under the winter sky,

Our cheeks were burning red,

I never got a reply.

When I fall for you baby,

Just like the snowflakes do,

I only ask that you catch me,

So that we can be two.

I swear I won't melt away,

From your warm radiance,

I'm really here to stay,

So now you know my stance.

Snow falls softly now,

Just like it did that night,

And I remember how,

Your eyes seemed just as bright.

So kiss my icy lips,

And we'll melt like snow,

When the temperature dips,

It sets our hearts aglow.