She took my breath away and left me with a dread-
A twinge of fear.

I woke crying.
The pain was sharp, but what's a confession to her anyway?
Words are useless.

Her serenades withered and froze,
threading my bones.

Slipping to the end
I wanted to lose her to the past
and scream aloud to hear the echo; pretend we are not alone after all. . .

I saw her slip away.

She whispered, "I hear chaos,
silence in the screaming."

Memory of her dances through my mind
An eidolon of passion
Without regret or sadness
A delusion snared in slapdash ecstasy

It makes me wish she was mine
In such a wrong way.

No, it had not all been pain
But she had opened up my heart and cut through the silence
and watched my fears bleed out.

She was crying too.