The Moon Dance

By Desiree King

Hello, my name isAlexandriaand from this point on you are entering the final story or journey of my telling. If you don't know me already I'll give you a little explanation or history which ever way your wind blows. I'm seventeen years old at the start of this and living with my famous older brother and his family, a girlfriend Amber and daughter Ashley. I have two best friends Sarah a girl I knew since we were tiny girls picking flowers inNew York, and Mindy a girl fate helped cross my path. Sarah has been dating one of my brother's friends they have not been around much but I like Chris he's a good guy. But lastly my enemy but also my weakness, Jacob. Jacob had given up his life for me literally and now lives on a liquid diet if you know what I mean.

Anyway, before I dive right in I feel I should warn you that my life has never been pretty or fair, its been filled with death, fear, rape and revenge but sooner or later it will get better.