Hey this is Nadya :) Obviously. Lol. I don't really have a lot to say, except sorry that it's so short, it was an assignment for my LA class that I decided to post online. Oh, and sorry if some of the info is incorrect...I didn't really research very well :) Before this, my height, or lack thereof, had never really gotten in my way. At 23, and only 5'4, with skin the color of honey, impossibly dark eyes and hair to match, my brothers, Imad and Fabil, had always called me "بركة صغيرة", which means "little pond" in arabic, the language of our home country, Lebanon. But right now, "little", was not something I wanted to be. A violent gust of wind had blown my headscarf straight off my head. Miraculously, it had caught on a piece of metal jutting out just above where my fingertips could reach, eluding escape, but still hanging tauntingly mere inches above my grasp. Extreme embarrassment flooded over me in a smothering hot wave, coloring my cheeks the same shade as tomatoes. Inwardly, I was intensely thankful that none of the other passengers had ventured on deck, yet. A proper Muslim lady should never be seen without her headscarf, let alone desperately jumping for a fluttering cloth perched high on an oozing pipe. A cough wracked my petite body. I was prone to colds, and stress never made it any better. Suddenly, the offending fabric was plucked from it's captor and making it's home in my sister's dark, slender hands. My sister, Yana, also 23, looked pretty much the same as me, but with startling blue eyes the color of sun kissed dew-drops. "Missing something, Zaina?" She teased me, dangling my headscarf from careless fingers before helping me put it back on my scalp. "Almost. Honestly, Yana, that's the third time-" Another cough- "I've lost it since yesterday!" A frown settled onto Yana's face. "Are you sick, sister? There's something going around, I hope you haven't caught it.""No, no. Just another cold." Yana sighed, raising her eyes to the boiling sun looming in the shockingly bright sky. For awhile, she carefully studied the saturated clouds, carefree in their lethargic movements, slowly chugging through the cornflower sky and leaving trails of rain-soaked earth. Then she lifted her gaze to mine. "Just to be safe, please take one of those herbs we picked just before-" She broke off.I nodded with grim uderstanding. Just before our brothers, our loving, full-of-life brothers, Imad and Fabil, had been murdered.~~_~~Sooooo, how'd ya like it? Please, tell me you're thoughts, I'd love to hear them, even if they're negative. I'm a big girl, I can handle it ;) Lol. kisses,~Nadya.