Quick Escape Rap

Took off running
Without any socks
Thought it was just
A run 'round the block

Didn't stop 'till
I came to a place
Jehovah's Witnesses
Stared me in the face

"I'm lost!" I cried,
"Where do I go?"
That's about when,
I saw Chief Jo

Didn't know how to get home
So I began to explore
Now I wish I'd stayed
Just a little bit more

There were new tables,
A new lunch system
All the old things,
You're right, I missed 'em

Someone's thrown eggs
At the old front door
They'd even messed up
Our lunch break corner

Vivid memories
Came flooding back
Bringing with them
A panic attack

It's getting late,
Don't know how to get home
Tired and hungry,
I started to roam

There's Jason Lee,
I'm almost there!
Getting turned around
Sure gave me a scare

There's Perkins Avenue,
I'm home free!
Now I have to face
My family

"Never run again,"
My mom said.
You take away my freedom,
I may as well be dead

Oh, well.
Now I can sleep.
Come tomorrow,
Got promises to keep

A/N: Chief Jo(seph Middle School) is the middle school I attended, and Jason Lee (Elementary School) is the elementary school I attended.