I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Alex Green and I am now entering my final year of schooling. I am preparing and studying for my HSC's (*cough* procrastinating *cough*). Then I'll be heading to uni to get my PhD in medicine and become a doctor, my dream since I was ten years old. I am fairly tall, five foot eleven, with blonde hair and what my mum says crystal blue eyes that are too innocent for a seventeen-year-old boy. I enjoy reading, playing basketball with my mates, track and field and eating anything that is within sight of me. My dad says I'll be dead at twenty-five due to the amount of food I eat. Mum says I work it off with all the physical stuff I do.

My mum is a clothes designer, specialising in formal occasions. Weddings, engagements, important office dinner parties. You name it; she'll have something for you. She's short and plump and makes the best chocolate cookies in the world. My dad is tall and full of muscle. He played football all through his high school years and could have gone pro if he hadn't been fascinated by all this archaeologist stuff. So he went and got a PhD in archaeology and began digging things up in Egypt. Now he just writes papers on the stuff and plays footy with his friends on weekends.

I have a younger sister, Sasha, in year nine. While I'm tall and fair, Sasha would be described as short, curvy and dark. She has dark brown hair that falls just above her waist and chocolate brown eyes that make you want to melt. She is constantly talking and has a wide group of friends that seem to be at our house every day. I guess my sister is popular, a leader, not a follower. She constantly has a notebook with her to write down her "creative thoughts" as she puts it. She always carries a camera and takes pictures of everything. When we eat out, take a picture of the food. When we go shopping, take a picture of the people rushing by. I simply adore her to bits and am extremely protective of her.

I have two close friends at school. Mitchell Walker and Gregory Smith. Mitch is considered the most popular guy in the grade, which is quite surprising considering he hangs out with Greg and I. He's six foot one, two inches taller then me and four inches taller then Greg. He has wavy brown hair and green eyes that girls find oh so dreamy. Greg is what many would consider a nerd. Total math pro, he is top of the year, even after skipping two grades. He should be in year ten! He constantly changes his mind on what he wants to do when we graduate. I wish him the best of luck.

I have had a total of three girlfriends since year nine. The first was a girl named Amber. She had red hair that was cut short and had an adorable laugh. She played what seemed to be every sport that existed and was faster then any of the guys in our year. We broke up on mutual agreement, simply because we found we were too busy to have time for each other and it wasn't fair to the other. We're still friends and she has a different boyfriend now who is awesome. People say they are a match made in heaven. I have to agree with them.

My second girlfriend was a girl named Patricia. She wasn't from our school and we met on a school excursion. Her hair was also red and she had the brightest blues eyes I had ever seen (beside my mum's). We had a long distance relationship where one of us would catch a bus to the other's place. That was the main reason we broke up as it simply wasn't working out and it cost far too much in the end. We don't talk much except for the occasional message on facebook, asking how the other's been.

When I met Melissa, who was also a redhead, Mitch declared I loved girls who seemed to have their head on fire. I socked him in the stomach after that comment. Melissa and I didn't last long as Greg saw her making out with some older dude at the shops while I was at a sports camp with Mitch. He was so afraid to tell me when we got back that it was funny. I dumped her when we got back to school and she slapped me, saying I had no proof of her cheating. For reasons unknown, Greg had taken a photo of her and the other guy (who I later found out was the captain of the football team) and I successfully burned her in front of the whole school.

I have a golden lab named Snoopy and two clownfish who Sasha named Nemo and Marlin. We used to have a turtle that lived in out pond but one day he ran (can turtles even run?) away and we never saw him again. Mum has a cat named Star who sits on your lap whenever you watch television. Dad pretends to get annoyed by her but we all know he secretly loves it. We also have this rabbit that constantly comes into our yard that Sasha adores. Mum hates it as it always manages to get into the veggie garden and eat the lettuce leaves.

So there you have it. The introduction to Alex Green's life. I thought my life was fairly normal. An ordinary family that lived in a two story house, two best friends that I wouldn't trade for the world, past experiences in love and a dog that constantly chewed on my sandals. I had no idea how unordinary my life would become in year twelve. Cause that was the year when I was caught in the middle of two girls who wanted to date me. One girl was a nice, simple and kind girl. The other girl turned out to be the school's slut.