"Oh my Good, the first day of school is always the worst," Sasha complained as she settled in the backseat of the car. Mitch took shotgun while Greg sat in the back.

"You said it sister," Mitch agreed, tilting his head back and sighing. "Can I drop out?"

"No," Greg and I said at the same time as I pulled out of the student parking lot. Greg continued on. "You're the one that wants to be a physiotherapist."

"I'm really regretting telling you that," Mitch mumbled, staring out the window. He perked up and started slapping my arm. "Pull over, pull over!"

"What's wrong?" Sasha asked as Mitch stuck his head out the window.


"Forget I asked," she muttered, leaning back in her seat. Greg and I both raised our eyebrows.

"You need a lift home?" Mitch asked Rachel as she looked through his window. She took in Mitch's excitement, Greg and mine's surprise and Sasha's glaring. She looked at me again and I shrugged. I was only a little bit surprised when she shook her head.

"No thanks. Thanks for the offer though," she told him before walking off. Mitch frowned before turning to Sasha. He glared at her and she raised an eyebrow.

"What? I don't like her, she's a slut."

"She's not bad," Mitch defended her, frowning. "She's really nice actually."

"Aww, is Mitch crushing on Rachel Morreti?" Sasha cooed.

That was the wrong thing to say. Mitch undid his seat belt before stepping out of the car, slamming the door. Greg, Sasha and I all jumped from the force and through the windshield I saw Rachel turn. Mitch jogged to catch up to her and the pair started walking off. I sighed.

"Sash, what was that for?" I asked, pulling away from the curb. I performed a U-Turn, seeing that Mitch was no longer riding with us and his house was in the opposite direction of Greg's and mine.

"That girl is bad news Alex," Sasha told me. "I'm trying to protect him."

Greg and I both snorted. The idea of Mitch needing someone to protect him was ridiculous. The drive to Greg's house was in tense silence, with Sasha glaring out the window, Greg reading a book and me focusing on the road. When we dropped Greg off he whispered in my ear to get online as soon as I got home. After a few more tense minutes Sasha sighed.

"I'm sorry Alex," she said miserably. "I didn't mean to get Mitch so angry."

I looked at her in the rear view mirror and sighed as well. "I know. Just be sure to apologise to him first thing tomorrow at school, yeah?"

She nodded and started fiddling with her phone. We spent the rest of the ride home in silence but it wasn't as tense as before. Sasha was out of the car before I had even parked probably and in the house before I had placed a foot out. When I got in she was at the kitchen counted, snaking on some fresh peanut butter cookies. I grabbed a few as well as a banana before heading up stairs to my room, calling out to my mum as I went.

Greg was already on when my laptop turned on and I had logged into chat.

Alex_Green_Bean_: hey, what's going on?

Greg_1996: Do you think Mitch is mad at us?

I sighed. I should have suspected Greg would be worried. He had very few people he could count as friends and the thought of losing one must have been terrifying to him. before I could reply though, someone joined our conversation.

The_Golden_Mitch: waddup guys

The_Golden_Mitch: I'm sorry for storming off. And snapping at your sister Alex. And slamming the door…

Greg_1996: So you're not mad at us?

The_Golden_Mitch: no, of course not Greggy! I just got a little peeved. Rachel is really nice.

The_Golden_Mitch: she's not like what Ashley made her out to be

The_Golden_Mitch: and I don't have a crush on her

Alex_Green_Bean_: Sasha's sorry too

Alex_Green_Bean_: she's gonna apologise at school tomorrow

Alex_Green_Bean_: I didn't think you did

Greg_1996: Me neither

Alex_Green_Bean_: and don't you dare slam the door on my car again!

The_Golden_Mitch: hahaha, got it mate!

We continued chatting for a few more minutes before Greg left to do homework, urging us to do the same. I rolled my eyes and could almost see Mitch doing the same thing. We both listened to him however, though I kept my chat open. Mitch sent over random stuff while I worked, occasionally asking a question about the English work we had gotten. After this pattern continued on for a while Greg got back on and snapped (as much as you could through a computer screen) to stop mucking about and get working.

The_Golden_Mitch: geez, you're worse than my mother!

Alex_Green_Bean_: ditto!

I was still working when I heard dad pull into the drive and come inside. Looking down at my work, I chose to abandon it in favour of talking to him. he wasn't in the living room so I went into the kitchen where I could hear Sasha and mum talking.

"Alex, nice of you to join us!" mum said sarcastically as she stirred a pot on the stove. "What were you doing up there?"

"Homework," I answered, snagging another cookie. At her raised eyebrow I sighed. "I might have also been talking to Mitch and Greg as well. He's sorry by the way Sash."

"Who's sorry for what?" dad asked as Sasha nodded her head. We both waved him off and I sat next to him, pulling one of Sasha's textbooks towards me.

"Oi, give it back," she scowled, slapping my hand.

"This stuff is easy!" I boasted, sliding it back towards her.

She rolled her eyes. "We're not all Science geniuses like you."

Mum told me that dinner would be ready in about an hour and that I should try to finish my homework before it so I could watch TV tonight. I sighed and retreated back to my room, wondering why she still treated me like I was in primary school. It's not like I just started high school…

Someone had sent me a message and I didn't recognise the name. I shrugged and clicked accept before quickly typing.

red_headed_dancer: heyo

Alex_Green_Bean_: hi…

Alex_Green_Bean_: who are you?

red_headed_dancer: cute name

red_headed_dancer: Rachel, Mitch gave me your username

I blinked at the screen in surprise before typing another question.

Alex_Green_Bean_: you dance?

red_headed_dancer: that's what you got out of that?

red_headed_dancer: and I used to

red_headed_dancer: I've had this since I was 8

Alex_Green_Bean_: how'd you get an account at 8?

red_headed_dancer: mum made it for me

red_headed_dancer: hope you don't mind that I added you

red_headed_dancer: talk to you some other time!

She logged off before I could reply. I didn't mind. And like Mitch said, she didn't seem so bad if you talked to her. I noticed Greg had left our conversation so it was just me and him. I sent off a quick message.

Alex_Green_Bean_: well, you and Rachel are close now! giving out my info...

The_Golden_Mitch: oh, I forgot to tell you she asked for your username

The_Golden_Mitch: you don't mind that I gave it to her, right?

Alex_Green_Bean_: no, just ask me next time before you give it out

The_Golden_Mitch: ok

The_Golden_Mitch: in that case, you are pretty popular

The_Golden_Mitch: Ashley asked

Alex_Green_Bean_: …

The_Golden_Mitch: I think she has a crush on you…

The_Golden_Mitch: ;P

Alex_Green_Bean_: sure, give it to her

Alex_Green_Bean_: just tell her that I won't be on tonight

Alex_Green_Bean_: laters man

I logged off before he could reply and leaned back in my chair. Mitch thought Ashley had a crush on me? I… she was pretty and she seemed very sweet. Maybe… maybe I could ask her out on a date. Might turn out that I didn't just fall for red heads!