The door to the hall was quite heavy. For a normal person, that is. Molly was far from normal. But she could handle it. She trudged into the old meeting hall. It was a very unique place. There were giant snakes, monsters and demons, carved into the faded gold walls and the cold stone floor had blood splattered on the slabs. It was once a worship hall for a very violent cult, that's what Molly had heard, a bit of a church if you will. The soft sound of dripping liquid was the only sound audible.

Drip, Drop

Drip, Drop

At the front where the blood stained alters were sat a throne, made of pure gold with red velvet cushioning and its own equal share of dried blood splatters. The red velvet sheets that covered 2 of the 3 alters and the 2 long parallel tables that led up toward said throne were torn and burnt. There was a disgusting odour hanging in the air. Molly couldn't think of what it was. She walked forwards slowly, the heads of the other members of the Night's Guard turned to look at her. She noticed a few straight away. Dragon, Adrian, Max, Lillian, Scarrla, and Millia. She finally recognised the smell.

Blood and fear

This wasn't good. She looked up again to the front. A giant doom painting hung, depicting souls being taken to heaven by angel and Sinners being dragged to hell by pallid creature with sabre cat fangs. The whole atmosphere was very sombre and macabre. She picked up her pace, unfitting for the atmosphere. She felt more animal, more in power that she was. She lowered her shoulders and stood in a defensive position, fists clenched, when she walked around the uncovered altar and got to the front of the steps, leading to the throne.

Lissia was waiting. She always was.

She sat leisurely on the throne. Lissia was well and truly queen of the damned. Her coal black hair tumbled over her shoulders, down her sides and stopped at her hips. Her piercing red eyes were ice cold and fiery hot, and with one glare, could make your spirit freeze, your innards come shooting out through your mouth and make your whole body turn inside out. So not all of the gore was from the vicious cult . . . Her face was pale and tainted with scars, long and short. An open festering wound also tore across her face, which must have been the cause of her losing her left eye. It was true; her left eye had been clawed out by a former enemy, but the constant writhing of the maggots that infested the hole where it used to be, yuck. I wasn't supposed to stare but, that strong a festering curse spell was worth marvelling over.

"Excuse me, But if you wouldn't mind not staring at my maggots." Lissia said, quite annoyed. See, she was far too attached to them. Her maggots . . . Stupid.

"Sorry, just admiring your gorgeous shape." Molly replied, saucily. That was a risky move. Molly wasn't someone with a perfect history with Lissia and she had scars to count for it. She didn't need another incident on her case. The hunter society wouldn't allow that.

"Excuse me Miss Glover; I know my figure is gorgeous. I don't need to hear it from you, though." She got up, shaking her hips a bit. She was gorgeous though. She was very slim and very curvy for her age. She was standing up, towering over everyone, and she was (Most annoyingly) was looking down on her. "Do you have the information, in which we sent you to collect?" She could feel the sweat gathering on her fore head. The plans! They were still in her apartment!

"No, my lady." Molly mumbled. She heard Lissia heels clap off every step, until she was in front of her. The sharp 'thwack!' of skin hitting skin, her metal ring digging into Molly's flesh, cutting the weak meat it had buried it's self into, the overwhelming scent of salt and rust washing over them, both and the hot searing sensation her cheek what all Molly noticed. She didn't notice that everybody behind her flinch, or gasp, or even display looks of rage from Dragon and Scarrla that earnt them both a restraint from guards. A small slither of blood trickled into her open mouth.

"So, you will discard of the hunter society's leading lady yourself? And what of Lucy? You were meant to protect her." She purred

Molly glared at her again. "They won't be alive by the end of the week."

"Make sure, my little cold-blooded mercenary." With a wicked grin and a chortle, Lissia was heading back to her throne and Molly was walking towards the door. This wouldn't end well.