"You told Katie we'd be gone for ten days?" I asked Lucy, stupendously.

"Yeah. 4 days drive to get to YellowStone Park, 1 to do the job, one to rest, and 4 to drive back." She said, looking at the GSP map on her Phone. I smiled and chuckled.

"Why 4 days?" I said, turning the radio on and looking at the open road just outside New York. "Are we sightseeing?" Lucy nodded and turned the volume up. Maroon 5 came blaring out the stereo, and for a minute it seemed normal.

"Why not sightsee? Lady Nathalia's gonna kill us when we get back. We may as well go do something." She sighed, winding her window down. "Oh, can I put the roof down?" she asked, giddily, after catching sight of the roof button. I sighed and put the roof back, our hair suddenly flurrying behind us.

"So, from you saying 'one to do the job', I'm guessing Katie doesn't know?" I said curiously, letting go of the steering wheel for a second or so.

"Yeah, she hasn't noticed. Eve knows though."

"Yeah of course Eve does. She's a hunter, pledged to kill us. And she organised this for us."

"But anyhoo, what do we do when we get to YellowStone Park? I mean we can't just waltz in and start feeding and hunting, can we?" Lucy asked, nervously.

"No we can't just waltz in." I said mockingly, "We have to go to the head ranger and tell him who we are, who our master is, where we're from and how long we'll be. Then he'll probably tell us what species they have plenty of, so we aren't endangering anything. There'll probably be other people in need of a hunt, so we'll probably be put into a pack-like thing of about 7 or 8. Then we'll hunt, either separately or in the pack assigned."

"So we're hunting why?" Lucy asked, a little less nervously. We turned off the motor was and started onto another road, that went as far as I could see at the moment.

"Urgh, I have a job to do involving humans and, even though I want to, I'm not allowed to have any hungry presence. And you just wanted to tag along, apparently."

"How would you tell?" Lucy asked.

"I just can Lucy, I just can."

3 days later

"Oh my god, There are so many other vampires here!" Lucy squealed clapping her hands. I face palmed, annoyed. A lot of other vampires had turned up, and a lot had been rejected. We got out of my jeep and went towards a solitary female ranger.

"Names, please," She snapped, flicking her hair over her shoulder.

"Molly Glover and Lucy Burroughs," I answered, in a practised voice that made me sound cheery.

"Master's name and your living area, please,"

"Lady Nathalia Devielle, inner New York City,"

"How long are you intending to hunt for?"

"2 days." Lucy jumped in, trying to correct me.

"Molly! Not 2 days! I'm sorry, just one." She said sympathetically.

"Lucy, shut up. In one day it is highly unlikely for a coven of master vampires to get a kill, let alone a group of fledglings. Go with 2" I snapped.

"Smart Move, We don't get many vampires that tactically trained." The ranger said, "You'll be in a group with those guys." She pointed to the left and we both looked that way.

Six fledglings sat on a few log stumps when we walked over. There was five boys and one girl.

"Oh yeah huh!" She yelled, exuberantly. "More girls in our squad! Yay!" She squealed. Lucy smiled and went to sit next to her.

"Don't count her." She said, nonchalantly, pointing at me.

"HaHa, Lucy. Very funny. So, are we hunting?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess." One of the boys said, not really caring.

"Yes, we are hunting. Up now, we have a busy two days." The tallest - and most likely the oldest and the leader - said, standing up and shaking out his long blonde ponytail and his fringe.

"So," I said, blatently "Do we get an introduction?" I put a hand on my hip and glared at the blonde. He sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"The medium-sized one is called Nathanial and the short one is Lucklin. The girl is Georgie." He growled. The had a very scottish accent, weirdly enough.

"And you?" I asked.

"Your a fucking curious one, ain't you? I'm Duncan." He said gruffly, laughing a bit. "And you two?" He put his hand forward and I shook it generously.

"I'm Molly and this is Lucy." I said, smiling. Lucy waved a little and smiled.

"Can we get to the hunt? I'm starving!" Luclin yelled.

"Yeah, but the twins? Names?" I asked pointing at the last two boys.

"Daniel and Craig." Duncan said.

"Oh and by the way," Lacy said. We all turned to look at her. "This is my first hunt. Can I ask what happens if I screw up?"

Duncan drew his finger across his neck, then turned towards the wilderness on Yellowstone Park. Lucy audibly gulped and I laughed.

And like that, the hunt began.