pictures of us, scattered on the floor
you stare at them, deciding what to do
whether to burn them or put them on your wall
but either way, it hurts you to the core

because soon you'll have to
write on the last page of our chapter
and start a new one, you will
your farewell soon you'll whisper

to the silent night
soon it whispers back to you,
"you are to be missed..."

for we have to come to
a parting of our ways
for we have to lose
the days when there were us

and grab a new book, we shall
and write our journey
of these long years ahead

and meet again, we shall
and share our adventure
of those years we'll spend apart

and i pray you forget me not

writing this because i just graduated a few weeks ago and i'm gonna miss my schoolmates so badly now that we've told our farewells.

i'm gonna miss you so much, my buddies. we'll meet again soon :)