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Chapter 3 : Thought's and Conclusion's

Daiki's POV

As soon as he laid his darkly colored jade eyes on him, on this person called 'Sunny' he knew he was in trouble. Just a meager glance at the male in front of him, his bronze skin, shining emerald eyes, soft silky blond tendrils of hair, and that smile that made him feel like he could actually breathe again.

When was the last time he felt like that?

Now, he was so screwed, he never wanted this, this .. inexplicable feeling of warmth to spread through him whenever Sunny popped into his mind. The hours, minutes and the persistent ticking of the small clock on his bedside table ticked by agonizingly slow since their last encounter. Chest aching, as both warmth, hate and regret swirled around in his chest like a endless abyss. The force pull of wanting to be so close to a person yet wanting to repulse himself away , had never been so strong before. How could he apologize when there was no strength in him to face the mass of warmth known as Sunny? To tell the truth, he only punched Sunny, hurt the other, to keep him away.

Daiki tilted his head back, a soft sigh leaving soft pink lips, body sagging as he leaned in the old wooden desk chair is ass was currently occupying. A small strand of his chocolate brown hair sliding over his cheek, the rest tied back in a small haphazardly done ponytail with a rubber band. Staring with a blank expression at his cracked ceiling, the white plaster flaking off, dotted with yellow and other disdainful colors that age brings.

Mind racing, begging and pleading for relief, what was so special about this person that made his mind full of chaos? A person he had just met ?That made him scared of the notion of seeing him again?




The small almost nonexistent voice chanted in his ear. In that moment, a tiny second he knew why he was so frightened of seeing the other again. The rejection and fear of being cast jumped forth like two gunshots in the middle of a deserted wasteland. Giving an almost inhuman growl from the depths of his silky pale throat. Daiki threw the lamp on his desk at the wall, watching the glass shatter and spew all over his small apartments bedroom. Memories of his past, of being abandoned by his parents, by his adoptive parents by anyone or anyone he has every fucking gave a damn about hit him like a Mack truck.

Standing up abruptly being semi-mindful of the glass on the old and rotting wooden floor, he vacantly fell to the bed. Unshed tears glistening in dark jade eyes. The nineteen year old man now felt as if he were fifteen year old boy all over again. Helpless and dying on the inside. Curling in on himself, tone muscles of his stomach clenching, he just wanted to throw up. To Daiki's surprise, as soon as the thoughts of Sunny came back...everything was okay. He was okay.

Another realization hit him as the now jet black room crept in on his shirtless and moon light colored body.

When he was even near Sunny, he was relearning how to breath all over again.

When he was near Sunny..he was filled with Warmth and the need to be happy, the feeling of lust bubbling in his lower stomach.

He was alive and slowly falling for a near stranger.

The School's deemed 'Whore'.

He suddenly scolded himself for thinking that, knowing very well even if it was true, he shouldn't judge. Letting his eyes wander to his small alarm clock and cursing out when seeing it was 3:36 A.M, having work and school tomorrow he quickly shrugged the soft wool blanket over his body.

Tomorrow he would face his fear, would seek the infuriating, lovely and totally captivating Sunny and apologize.

Tomorrow was a start of a new day, a day where he would try to smile and breathe once more.