I'm lost
truly lost

I'll find out more with time
but for now I'm trapped
at the hands of true confusion

But it's not just you this time
it's also the idiot
that i underestimated


Until I'm sure of what exactly happened
I'll still talk to you
because I feel

I haven't studied this enough
to be able to say goodbye to you
I expected to look forward to seeing you
but just before that
he popped out of nowhere

It was so late minute
it was probably fixed


I said I'd support him
because I disliked his opponent
but I think I knew
that my subconscious motives were different


I was the scoreboard
so I couldn't be biased
but I said that my support would be
invisible but sure. He appreciated that.

He lost, but just barely
And I told him that
But I still wish I could've
erased that distraught look on his face


Only as I left did I realise
what the hell had just happened