We walked along the shore of the beach at sunset, the thick wet sand wedging between our toes as we left behind a track of deep footprints. My eyes were fixated on the gentle, warm waves coming up to our legs, finally washing away the sand from our feet only for it to recollect between our toes once again. The sun at the horizon emanated hot rays of beaming, orange light to my eyes, brightening the dark brown color of my irises. When I turned to look up at him, my body was swept with an overpowering shiver. The eyes that had once been swirling in unknown darkness had now warmed with the mirror image of the ocean's waves and bright orange light of the beautiful sunset. A soft smile rose to my cheeks when he slowly, but finally reached for my hand, his fingertips gently brushing the back of mine until they suddenly pulled away. When my smile faded and turned into a confused, disappointed expression, he took a deep breath and brought his hand closer, grabbing my hand and tenderly entwining our fingers. My smile returned, and we continued our walk along the beach shore.

By this time, the sun had set. Now, a blanket of stars had covered the sky above us and lit the path ahead. I looked up at him, and we both silently agreed to take a seat. I dipped my feet in the chilling water and looked out at the shining full moon and the glimmering waves, not realizing that he was staring intently at me. He smiled gently until I finally noticed and turned to face him. My cheeks instantly flushed at the sight of his beautiful smile. As his eyes burned into mine, I anxiously bit my lip, wondering what was yet to come. His smile slowly ebbed, soon transforming into a look of strong, undying passion. It drove me insane and left me helpless. I couldn't do anything. I subconsciously licked my lips, obviously surfacing from my deep, suppressed desire—my desire for him. But for now, all I could do was wait.

Silence remained between the two of us. All that could be heard was the roar of the waves crashing onto the shoreline and then receding, pulling stones and grains of sand back into the water with it. The air chilled suddenly after the influx of the waves, forcing goose bumps all across my body. But soon, my skin was warmed by his soft breath as he leaned in closer. Each and every air particle that came from his lips to my skin tickled me until I could hardly stand it anymore. I looked into his eyes with longing. He took the hint and came closer to me.

I had been anticipating this moment for years. This boy—no, this man—was my only love. He had every heartstring of mine attached to his fingers, ready for him to tug and control me like a marionette. Not that he would ever do that to me, though.

His rough hands made their way to my waist and held my body close to his, his immaculate lips nearing mine as his eyes slowly started closing. An immense shiver swept my body like a breeze, disappearing as quickly as it came. My heart pounded fiercely in my chest as I gently shut my eyes and awaited my first kiss with my first love.

And there it was. A kiss that provoked a feeling unparalleled by any other in the world, desire that was put on hold so long that its attainment became entirely surreal, the simplicity that silence created to restore a once lost connection. Once his lips brushed mine, my heart and body were devoid of anxiety, stress, or any worries of the world. Everything became perfect at that one instant when he brought his hands around my neck and pressed our lips together for a deeper kiss. My yearning was finally fulfilled when he gradually pulled back and stared simply into my eyes. No words were exchanged, nor did they need to be. Everything was bliss in that moment in the beauty of the silence between us. The world disappeared in everlasting silence.


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