It is crippling


It takes your whole being

And chews you up

All you're left with is a scar

And another sad story to tell


It surrounds you

And places upon you a crushing devastation

It destroys all hope

It makes you lose sight to what's real

It never really goes away

No it stays like a festering wound

It become a pain you're just used to

Disappointment just becomes a permanent fixture in your life

And it's sad

Because you're never the same after such a big blow

No you become diluted, weary, and tired

You can no longer hope

And you have lost all faith


It happens in everyone's life

But it is in those who question the world

Who become handicapped by it

Because we once had dreams bigger than the ocean

But they were crushed

By disappointment

A poem about disappointment and depression. Hope someone likes it.