"…So then Miranda Jamison shows up and then-" Alison said.

" Hold on." Jason interrupted Alison. He took out his phone and pressed a button. Alison stopped and tried to find out who he was talking to. It wasn't hard. " Yeah…at the park…Alison," Jason paused to listen. " Okay Kev, bye." Jason pressed another button and looked back at Alison. " Okay, so then what happened?" he asked.

" Where was I again?" Alison said.

" You said how you, Beth, James, and Kevin got the stuff then went back to your house for the party. Um…James played a joke on you and then you had the party and then Miranda showed up."

" Oh, yeah!" Alison said. " But first, who was that?"

" It was just Kevin, why?"

" No reason." Alison lied. " Did you tell him we were here?"

" Yeah, it's no big deal." Jason said. " Just finish please." After he said that a familiar red, 2007 Chevrolet pulled up by the sidewalk just a several feet away from the bench the two of them were sitting on. Alison had know that car too well. It was Kevin's car. Alison whole body froze. Her skin prickled with thoughts of her dream last night. Kevin stepped out of the car and waved at Jason and Alison.

" Jason," Alison whispered, " do not tell Kevin about the party."

" Why?"

" Just don't. I'll tell you the rest later. Here's my number." Alison said putting in the numbers on Jason's phone. Once Alison was done exchanging numbers, Kevin came next them and sat down. Alison was now next to the boy who had tried to kill her at her party. She hadn't talked to him in months and he played it off like he didn't know anything.

Alison thought bitterly about Kevin. He knew what he was. Alison wasn't going to get off his case until he was put away. Kevin said " sup" to Jason and tried to put his arm around Alison. She shook off his arm and he put his arms in protest.

" Babe, what's been up with you!" Kevin asked.

" Listen, Kevin," Alison stated. " I'm not your babe."

" What's your problem, Alison. And what are you doing here with Jason?"

" None of your business. I was just leaving. Bye Jason." Alison waved at Jason and batted her eyes at him flirtatiously. She wanted to make Kevin Williams feel like she felt that night. Betrayed, deceived. Anything to make him lose it. It would only make Alison look even better at convincing everyone that he was capable of murder which he was. Kevin sat on the bench and watched Alison leave.

Alison walked along the sidewalk taking in the summer air. Her ankle still hurt a little but she was okay for the main part. Then she remembered about her original plans from earlier and pulled out her phone. Alison dialed Beth's number and waited for her friend to pick up. The phone had rung four times and Alison was about to give up when suddenly, " Hello?" Beth said.

" Beth, is this really you?" There was a pause on the other end and laughing.

"…James!" Beth exclaimed giggling. " You're so funny, I love you baby." Alison could hear Beth and James laughing on the phone. Alison sighed.

" Beth, will you listen to me!" Alison yelled at the phone.

" Sorry girl," Beth said, " Go ahead.

" Thank you." Alison started. Just then the Chevy rode past Alison. Alison heart stopped. Kevin stared at her with a mischievous eyes. Alison flipped her golden brown hair at the senior and kept walking, despite her throbbing ankle. Alison knew that Kevin was on to her. She didn't look his way.

" Hello! Alison, hello!" Beth said. " Earth to Alison!" Alison snapped back to reality. She realized that she was now just staring at round lady and her dog who stopped to do its business.

" Eww." Alison said in disgust.

" Alison, I've been calling your name for five minutes. What is wrong with you!" Beth exclaimed.

" It was nothing." Alison stated. " Anyway, remember the day after the party when I told you that Kevin-" Alison was in mid sentence when suddenly Beth interrupted her again.

" Wait a minute, Als…Hey! Alison guess who's here?" Beth said.

" Who?"

" Kevin! He said he saw you like ten minutes ago at the park. How weird is that, right?" Beth said. Alison clutched the phone in anger. He knew who she was calling but how? And how long had Alison been staring out like that for Kevin to make it to the mall already.

" Beth, I really have to talk to you." Alison pleaded.

" I'll get back to you on that, Al, Kevin wants to treat us to some frozen yogurt." Beth hung up the phone in Alison's ear. Alison stared at her phone with her mouth wide open. Kevin must have been trying to get their attention; somehow he must have know Alison was talking to Beth. It seemed like everywhere Alison turned, he was there. Right before Alison had tried to explain about the party, Kevin had shown up. Also when Alison tried to tell Beth about the evidence she had found just last night.

There was only one person who would probably listen to her now. Alison turned on her other heel and started walking back to the park. There at the bench stood here only hope at sanity. Alison sauntered over to him and sat back down.

" Soooo…" Alison tried to start a conversation.

" Nothing." Jason said plainly.

" Huh?"

" Kevin didn't ask about what we had mentioned. He really doesn't seem to care, Alison." Jason peered into Alison with his sapphire.

Alison tossed into the bench. She attempted to put both her legs on the bench and sit crisscrossed. Pain hit her and kept her remained in her original position. She finally said, " Yeah Jason, It seems like he doesn't care but he really wants to know. After all, he knows the whole story consists of him and what he did to me." Jason looked to Alison question.

" What did he do?" Jason said smoothly. The words relaxed Alison's muscles.

Alison hesitated. She didn't want to seem so eager to tell him like it was some kind of concert or something, yet she needed to let it out. Not even her parents had believed her. You have to do this, Alison thought, someone's got to believe me.

" Please don't think I'm crazy or anything…" Alison started.

" Why would I think that?" Jason said sincerely.

" Everyone else thinks so." Alison whined.

" I'm not like everyone else. " Jason said leaning in…