Looking up at the familiar white ceiling of the hospital above her, Alison was sure that death was near. Positive. She felt a stream of warm blood flow from her mouth and forehead for what seemed like an eternity. Only the agonizing pain and the screams from her throat reassured her that life was still in grasp. Pain, confusion, and fear all gripped at the pale teen. Each of them taking on their roles to please their audience; their source. Him…

White gloves seemed to endlessly find their way all over Alison's delicate body. Each one finding a new sensation that made Alison wish she would have died. She wanted it to all be over. " We need more morphine, STAT!" a voice called over her cries.

" I'm on it! Keep pressure on that wound! Bandages, gauze, anything! Now, now, now!" the voices rang out. Every so often, Alison saw lights above her, then the white ceilings, and then more rows of lights. She heard the wheels of the gurney shove her into a hospital room. The hands quickly got to work, stripping her of her clothing. Alison thought to herself over the sounds of work, it was a good thing she didn't wear her " Care Bear" undergarments. Alison would of smiled at the thought, but it hurt too much. Suddenly all kinds of tubes and instruments were being plugged into her like an outlet. The soft hum of a machine somewhere in the room went off. Beeping now came from the object, rapid beeps.

A man in white scrubs wiped at Alison's face which made her flinch. When he pulled back, the cloth was covered in blood. Now he placed several bandages onto the tender area's of Alison's fear-stricken face. Her blue eyes pleaded for someone to stop the pain; to answer her questions. " Why!? Why, Kevin?" Alison wanted to scream. A small prick from a needle forced her to glance over at her forearm. A needle was injected into her limp arm, pumping her with an unknown substance.

Almost instantly, her vision faltered. Her eyes felt heavy and the pain slowly subsided. The images around her danced and shimmered like a reflection in a fountain. As each second passed, the ability to fight became useless. The dreariness was like a curtain smothering her; taking her into its own sanctuary. Alison curved her lips to mouth some form of a " thank you" but nothing came. Nothing except for the silence of the world around her and the invitation to the dark…

. . .

For Alison, waking up had been a terrible challenge. Unlike the events just hours ago, Alison knew the pain that would greet her. She was not prepared at all when her eyes snapped open and her senses returned. Pain's icy cold grip had taken hold over the weak girl once more. Alison gasped as it hit her all at once. Tears began to instantly fall from her eyes. " Oh, oh shush, now." A voice hushed her from across the room. Alison watched as the nurse slowly eased into the room with her trusty notepad like she had done just months ago. " Well, my, I didn't think I'd ever see you again!" The nurse gleamed taking a step forward. Alison wanted to reply but her throat felt like sandpaper. She just flickered her eyes instead. " You remember me?"

Another flicker from Alison. " Just in case, I'm Miss Fields and I'll be taking care of you…again." The plump nurse's cheerful attitude made Alison almost roll her eyes.

" Why so happy to see me in critical condition, AGAIN?" Alison wanted to respond.

" Now let us see what we got now, little Ms. Missy!" the nurse oozed. Alison internally sighed. " So according to Payton, you've got a slight concussion, a few minor lacerations, a bruised clavicle…" While the nurse did the "run-down" of each injury, Alison just sat back and observed. Her eyes wandered around the plain room. The familiar white tiles and ceilings hadn't changed since her last visit. Nor did the terrible giddiness of the nurse. Hmm, Alison wondered, had she dyed her hair? It seemed a lot lighter the last time Alison visited…

When Miss Fields had finished reading the words off the clipboard she frowned. A small sliver of emotion had shown through her bright eyes. Despair? But just as quickly as it appeared on her face, it was clouded by the usual mask the nurse wore. " So" Miss Fields said at last, " It looks like you'll be staying with us for another week or so." Was her tone more serious? Alison wondered. " We'll be in and out to check on ya. But, in case you need us immediately, this little button will do the trick." The nurse looked into her eyes for a long time. " O…Kay, dear? I'll be back to get ya some water and some Jell-O. A little bit of Jell-O always made me feel better when I was your age. See you in a jiff."

And with that, the short nurse scurried from the room, leaving Alison alone to her thoughts. Despite her serious medical injuries, Alison knew she had one the war. There was no doubt about it. The police surely had to have seen the vehicle that had crashed into her. It was only a matter of time before they all knew. Alison could just see the looks on their faces. Her friends would all come running back and embrace her and explain just how wrong she already knew they were. And her parents would- wait! Her mother had also been in the accident too! Alison felt like an idiot. How could she have forgotten so fast? A ping of foreboding hung in the air above her like a warning. She just hoped that her mother was alright. All Alison could do was hope…

Finally, Miss Fields had arrived back to Alison's room. She was holding a tray with two bottled waters, a cup of red Jell-O with a spoon, and a dry erase board. And tucked safely inside of her breast pocket was a black marker that she sat down next to the tray next to Alison on the bed. The nurse gently handed the tray to Alison who took it with a smile. Immediately, Alison gulped down the first bottle of water and left it on the tray. " Th-thank you, Miss Fields." Alison rasped. Gross, Alison thought, Was that MY voice?

" Anytime, dear…" the middle aged women replied sweetly. Her light brown eyes never left their gaze which rested upon the teen. Alison hadn't noticed as she savagely downed the other bottle of water.

" Sweetheart…" The nurse's gaze remained still, fixed heavily on Alison who had stopped drinking.

" Yes?" Alison replied. Now Alison was positive of the seriousness that was now lingering from the woman's voice.

" Alison…" Nurse Fields hesitated. " I'm so sorry to tell you this, Hun. We had tried, really, to help your mother as best as we could but..um…I'm so sorry Alison. She had taken so much from the accident…so much."

Alison just stared at the nurse, not fully understanding her words. Her mouth tried to form some sort of question as to what she was hearing. What did this mean?

" Your mother didn't survive the accident, Alison." Miss Fields finally said silencing all the questions running through Alison's mind.