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Way #1 - Bump into him.

He was not the incredibly hot guy. He was not a player. He was not secretly a vampire or werewolf to the extent of my knowledge. He wasn't my mate or my soul mate for all I know. He was not my prince, nor my knight in shining armor. He wasn't popular, nor did he have all the girls chasing after him. He wasn't my best friend.

He was just him. He was cute in my perspective with his wavy, short hair and dimples. He played video games, not girls. He could be my knight in shining tin foil, perhaps. He had enough friends who adored him and respected him for who he was. A few girls who were lucky enough to get to know him did chase him, but that's it. He was just an acquaintance.

He didn't see me much more than a friend, and I was pretty alright with that, I would say. He was just one of those rare great people you'd meet who you just loved to be around. He was funny, kind, and loved making friends.

His name was Jason. He was completely ignored by the popular clique, even though I know one of the girls in that group had been friends with him once. He meshed in with all groups and rarely judged people. He didn't drink; he didn't smoke. He volunteered at the carnival whenever it came around just because he enjoyed it. He was a simple guy with simple tastes.

And then there's me. Eva. I am not the incredibly hot girl who's also a badass. Let's get real: if I was, I wouldn't be here. I am not a whore; I've only had one boyfriend before. I've never been rejected by anyone because I've never really hit on anyone. I don't believe in soul mates; I think it's possible to love a second time. I wasn't looking for a prince or a knight in shining armor; I don't think I was really looking for anyone. I had enough friends and a decent family. Simple enough, right?

Jason and I had been partners several times in history for small projects. He was pleasant enough; his jokes always revolved around the teacher's inability to teach. He wasn't shy of small talk; he seized every moment to make a comment. I really admired that about him.

I never would have given it a second thought while being paired with him. I looked forward to our small conversations. They were light-hearted enough, but always left me with a smile. It was never about anything serious, and he always talked with a lot of other people in the class, too. He was not popular, though, just social and well-liked. There was a big difference.

I was not social; occasionally, I did get picked on for several reasons. Who didn't? It was nothing out of the ordinary. But on the last day of my freshman year, I had overheard a girl calling me 'ugly' while I was wearing baggy pants and a t-shirt.

I never tried to impress anyone; no one was really worth the time. I never considered myself ugly, either. Now I wasn't conceited either, or thought that I was drop dead gorgeous. I thought I was average. I also usually didn't care what people had to say about me. They had their opinions, and I had mine.

Yet, on that day, for whatever reason, be it a bad mood or PMSing, it did hurt me. Quite a lot, surprisingly. Probably because I've never heard anyone call me ugly before. I was in a horrible mood for the rest of the day, even if it was the last day of school.

That is, until history came around. We had already taken the final a week prior to that day, so we got the hour and a half to do what we wanted. Jason was frantically trying to talk to everyone about the upcoming summer break. I decided to lay my head down into my arms and think about what was so ugly about me.

I didn't comprehend it. What was ugly to begin with? Did they know what real ugly was enough to define me with it? My eyes started to sting. It was such a silly thing to cry about, though. I held back the tears and took a deep breath.

I felt someone tap me on the arm. I looked up to find Jason's smiling face with his protruding dimples, his eyes gleaming with joy. The clock behind his face told me there five minutes left of class.

"Are you alright?" he asked me, concern suddenly engraving it. I sniffled and nodded, attempting to smile.

"Yeah, I'm alright, I guess," I told him, still smiling.

"Okay, good," he said, accepting my lie, "because you look nice when you smile." I stared at him, slightly confused at what he had just told me. After what I had heard today, I couldn't really believe him, but I didn't really want to say anything.

"Thanks," I told him, thinking he'll just leave. Instead, he grinned widely, exposing those adorable dimples of his, and nodded.

"No problem. I think you always look nice," he said. I blinked at him several times, slightly puzzled at what had come out of his mouth. I was a little startled to say. Jason and I have had poked fun at each other before; was he just making fun of me?

"Um... really?" I asked, skeptical of what the next thing coming out of his mouth was going to sound like. He nodded solemnly.

"Yeah, really," he said, appearing to be sincere. A smile was forming at the corner of my lips.

"Uh, thanks," I replied, a little more sure with my words.

"You know, we should hang out over the summer," he suggested. I stared at him before letting the smile tugging at the corner of my lips take its place. The more I stared at him, the wider my grin grew.

"Yeah. I'd like that," I agreed. Just as the next words were about to come out of his mouth, the bell rang, signifying summer had begun. I watched as people jumped out of their seats, rushing to leave the room. My mouth opened to say something to Jason, but a couple of his friends had grabbed him and pulled him out with the rest. I got out of my desk, attempting to follow the crowd, but as soon as I hit the halls, I was lost in a swarm of ravaging teenagers all aching to escape the building.

I did not see Jason at all over the summer. I didn't give it much thought either. I was sure he was enjoying his summer as much as I was enjoying mine. There were several moments where I remembered how we were supposed to hang out, but I had forgotten it just as quickly. He didn't remember his words, and I decided to leave it as it is.

I forgot about him pretty quickly. With the return of school in the fall, I was just excited to start school as a sophomore and to see my friends again.

A few weeks had passed when I finally caught a glimpse of Jason after those few months. He still looked the Jason I remembered, with his skin a little tanner and his hair a little fluffier. His eyes still held the twinkle, and his smile still had the dimples. I remember when I first saw him after the longest time, I was about to raise my arm to wave at him, but he got distracted by a girl and walked away. I didn't mind, though. I figured I'd just wave another time.

A week later, I had forgotten that my class had been moved to the library. In fear of being late, I was almost jogging to get to the library with a huge pile of books in my arms. I was almost running into everyone in the hall, but was able to avoid it one way or another. I turned the corner to find someone just turning it as well and rammed into them full force.

I fell back, my books dropping from my arms, but was caught from falling to the floor myself. I looked up to find my savior Jason himself. He smiled his dimply smile.

"Hey... uh, Eva, right?" he said. I was slightly disheartened. This was the boy that had wanted to hang out with me over the summer, but now failed to remember if my name was really Eva. Rather than show my disappointment, I lightly smiled.

"Yeah. Hey, Jason," I said. He picked up my books and handed them to me carefully, still grinning cheerfully.

"I'd love to chat, but I gotta run. Good to see you again, though," he said in a rush, then ran off towards a different direction.

I would have never really given him a second thought. But the thought that he could have been different than he was a few months ago bothered me. He didn't even remember that he was the one that asked me to hang out, or my name.

I was slightly heart broken. He had once liked talking to me and making me smile, and thought I always looked nice. Did he still think that? As I watched him turn the corner in the distance when the bell rang, I then realized what I really wanted. I wanted for him to notice me and look at me differently than he did just then.

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