looking glass.

take a look
through this worlds looking glass.
see the people far and wide
all make up,
silicone and smiles
dressed in the spandex
that holds their lives together.

wrapped in a lie
punished by a brutal taunting
of the people who live to far gone
from eye sight.
they live in the looking glass.

too fat.
to ugly
need mental help.
those are the lives attached
to the looking glass.

face lift,
bigger boobs.
smaller legs
fit into the hourglass
no hair untouched.

swallowed like a pill
a pill of poison.
a bite of the bad apple.
what s the inside of our looking glass like?
rotten, cold and empty.
life in the glass.

not good enough.
to loud to quiet.
not like the others
who live for the looking glass.

who dare to live outside?
those brave few of you
who can see out of the glass.
taunted by the same enemy s,
will you remain awake?
outside the looking glass
of what we are told to be.