Warning: This is a story that will break your heart into a million pieces...

Absolute Betrayal.

"Mr. and Mrs. Woods! I like the sound of that! Yes Nathan! Of course I'll marry you!" That was what she said. That was my happiest moment... She looked so happy, as if she could die right at that moment. I was happy. I thought that happiness would last a life time. However, the next day that would all change.

I awoke up on the bed alone. My back was hurting for some unknown reason. I reached for the beside table for my glass of water, however there was no bedside table. There wasn't even a bed... This shocked me through and through. My immediete thoughts went to my fiance. One thought remained in my mind, and I didn't care about anything else. "Is she okay. I searched throughout the whole house looking... She was gone...Everything was gone... All of my clothes, the towels, the electronics, the hats, the shoes, EVERYTHING! I kept looking around for some clue something that the robbers left behind.

Finally, in the closet I found an old T.V., a dvd player, and a dvd with writing on it. It said "Nathan, please watch." It was written with my fiances handwriting. My mind immedietly thought of worst case scenarios, ransom, or killing. I thought those were the worst case scenarios, but what I saw on that dvd was much much worse...

You still have time... You don't have to finish this. I won't blame you...

I plugged in the T.V., set up the dvd player, and put the dvd in. After a few seconds of static, I saw the face of my beautiful fiance. I was relieved. "She was okay!" I thought. I continued to watch,

"Nathan, this is a goodbye video." she said

"WHAT?" I yelled.

"You see Nathan, I scammed you. For 5 loooonnnngggg bbbbboooorrrrriiiinnnnggg years I had to stick by your side. It made me sick!"

Her voice started to change. I stared at the woman smiling devilishly, I stared at the woman I loved dissapear before my eyes. No way... This is impossible! Something inside my chest started to cool and tighten. I looked at her tears in my eyes, saying "No you're lying... There's just no way that was all fake!"

"Hmph, your probably denying the fact that this is true. So I shall show you proof."

Proof? I watched as the woman I loved showed me our belongings, the bed, the pictures, the pillows, and even the little crib I bought as a surprise... Tears continued to form in my eyes, without stopping. There was only one question going through my mind. Why? Why me? I never had any luck with women! I never experienced love before you! Why did you have to choose me! The woman kept smiling, as if mocking me. She said

"You're crying now aren't you, huh squatchy?"

I flinched... That was my pet name, the pet name she gave me... The tears in my eyes started to sting me...

"Oh just to prove to you that I didn't love you..." A man shows up behind her. She started to look at him...

"Squatchy! Meet big foot."

I could only watch in horror at what happened...

Do you not care for your innocence! Do you not care? If you do turn back now! If you believe in love turn back now! GO!

I watched in horror at the image appearing before me. My fiance was reaching down there... She pulled it out gawked at it and said to the camera. "This is what a real man is! Squatchy isn't any match for big foot!" I watched in horror...

I gave my first to you as well. I thought we learned together! I thought we both became one with only each other!

"Ohh that feels good," the man says.

"Oh really? Well then how about this?"

She started to do things she never did to me... She started to love him more than she ever loved me! The tightness in my chest began to tighten even more. It was as if my heart was being strangled... With every moan it increased, with every oh yeah it increased, with every just like that it increased.

"Tell me you love me!"

"I love you!"

"Tell me that guy was nothing but rags!"

"He was nothing but rags! I never loved him! Aaaahh aaahhh!"


*Deep panting*

"Lets go again"

It was unbearable, it was truly a pain unable to be described by words. I continued to watch the woman I loved make love to another man... I watched as that man enjoyed himself with my fiance. I watched as my fiance showed her "true" face... The face she promised she would only show me. My body began to get cold. I every dream I had, everything I wanted it was all for you! It was all for you... *sob*

And like that the tears came out... They didn't stop, nor did I want them too. All I wanted to do was lay there and die... Nothing mattered to me anymore... Then I heard that damn womans fake voice again. Talking like she had used to as my fiance. She still kept the devlish smile just to mock me...

"If you want to see me one more time come to the roof at ..."

I listened carefully to each instruction... I memorized every word... I knew I had to confront her.

I went to the roof alone like she asked... I looked around. Then I saw that woman. She had a completly different look to her, she was no long cheerful, nor was she sunshine to me, but complete darkness. I walked to her and kissed her... Then I seperated. I felt better because I put all the remaining love i had into that kiss. Then I saw she smiled... Uh, oh bad feeling... I turned around and faced the guy she made love with on the video...

If you are forcing yourself... Just stop! This isn't a story! This is reality! This is what happens in the world! This is the TRUTH!

The guy picked me up. I started to yell.


"What's wrong squatchy? Scared?"


"Oh really? Then what is this? She held up a camera."

SHIT! Damnit my plan was exposed... I stared at her. She smiled... Dammit my plan was even if i get killed at least someone knows!


"Hah! who do you think I am! I am the descendent of Arsene Lupin! The master theif who stole and stole and stole! And like my ancestor I STOLE FROM YOU!"

The man continued to approach the edge of the building...

"NoOO I CANT DIE HERE" I tried to rip apart his hands.

"Too bad you will" He said while maintaining a firm grip.

He reached the edge.

"Any last words?" He asked me.

"Yeah, a question. What are both of your real names?"

"Dylan, and Diane Mccolt"

"Now die."

I was thrown off the building... My whole life flashed before my eyes. However I cut it short because half of those memories were memories of her... I slowly looked at something I had in my pocket and I flashed a smile...

"Hello welcome to morning news 9!"

"yadda yadda yadda"

" A man was brutally murdered last night, by being dropped off a building. The perpetraitors have been caugh due to the man's quick thinking."

"The man not only recorded his murder by using a electronic recorder/electornic camera, but he also put two sample hairs into a bag for us. This man was extremely skilled as he grabbed the hairs at very impressive times. Once when he kissed the female, another when he grabbed the mans hands. The perps have pleaded guilty on all charges and are now facing life in prison, and possible death row. In the end he got his revenge huh?"

I turned off the T.V.

"No not yet... My revenge is not complete. All arrogant descendent's need to be taught a lesson"

A/N: Probably the darkest story I will ever publish here. I tried to hold back on a couple parts, because I truly could have destroyed your faith of love. Anyway, I hope you guys like it... And remember... I deleted about 500 words in this story, because if I added them... This may or may not be a preview of a mystery/action story i may write