Warning: This story is a sequel please read the ONESHOT Absolute Betrayal first

I turned off the TV, looked at my watch, grabbed my keys, and drove out of town. I am currently going to a maximum security prison, where the descendents of Arsene Lupin are currently held. I got on the freeway, and exited onto a cracked road. I drove on the barely paved road, with so many potholes that I couldn't count. Every 5 seconds I heard a *BUMP*. I started to think on what to say to the killers of Nathan, and how to make them squirm...

"HAHAHA" I started to laugh

"SHUT UP!" A voice behind me said.

"What the!" I yelled. My hands released the wheel as I turned around. At the back of the car was a naked woman, wearing nothing but a lab coat... "Jaylen? What the hell is this?" I thought as I stared at her. Time froze... Everything began to slow, including my wristwatch. I continued to stare at the woman. Her body slowly moved as it tried to talk. Her face had fear written all over it, her eyes started to water. Her lips quivered as it said one word.

"Road" Road? I thought to myself... ROAD! I turned around, and saw the car had swayed to the left and was about to hit a nearby tree.

"OOOHHH SHIITT!" I yelled as I grabbed the wheel. In one awkward motion I jerked the wheel to the right, barely missing a tree.I pressed on the breaks HARD to stop the car.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" I heard from the back.

The car continued to squeal until we finally halted...

"Whew.." I said relieved. "Glad thats over" I thought to myself.

"MICHAEL!" A voice behind me yelled. Crap... I forgot about her. I turned around and stared at the woman.

"What? And why the hell are you naked!" I yelled angrily.


"YOU'RE NOT MY WIFE! That's just what we have to act like!" With that her eyes began to water... She began to sniffle...


I slapped her.

"Your acting isn't gonna help you now you damn scientist!" I yelled "AND STILL WHY ARE YOU NAKED!"

The sniffling stopped, and a smile arose.

"This isn't being naked! As you can clearly see I have a lab coat! Jeez Michael, you shouldn't treat your wife like that." She said smiling ominously "After all..." Her hand quickly reached into her cleavage, pulled out a butterfly knife, and pressed it against my neck. A drop of blood flowed onto the knife. All in 0.5 seconds. "I can kill you at any time"

"Yeah fine." I replied in a indifferent tone.

"Good thing you understand." She said as she removed the knife from my neck. "Aw my knife got dirty." She said seductivly as she slowly licked my blood off her knife. I turned around, started the car, and drove back onto the road.

"So, are you going to see the people who killed Nathan?" Jaylen asked

"Yes" I replied

And like that silence filled the car... Wait.. I'm forgetting something... I looked back and immedietly realised what I had forgotten.


"ID please" A man asked in a robotic voice.

I reached into the glove compartment, found my wallet, and gave him my ID

"Michael Boyd huh? Is that your girlfriend in the backseat?" I bit my lip... I hated acknowledging her as my girlfriend, but we have to act like it...

"Yes" I said. I smiled weakly at him.

"Awww, don't be like that! I am your waifu after all!" Jaylen said cutely from the backseat, clearly realising my hesitation.

The guard chuckled slightly.

"Ok go on ahead." The guard waved his hand and the gate started to move

*shackle shackle* *CRRREEEAAKK*

I put the car into drive and entered the compound. I looked for a parking space.

"Thats weird..." I said

"What?" Jaylen asked.

"For a prison this place is super busy, I mean HQ isn't even this busy!"

"Hmm your right. Oh there's a space." She said while pointing. I parked.

"Oh well." I said while getting out of the car. "You stay here"

"Ahh fine. It's personal so I won't interefere" She said "I'm gonna contact HQ, and see if there's anything new."


I looked around. It was a normal enough jail community. I walked towards the main building, but stopped at another gate that protects the inside buildings and seperates parking. I showed my ID again to another guard and passed through. I went up to the desk and requested for the Mccolt's. I was rushed into a room and seated at a table. I put my head onto the table to think, it's a habit of mine. I waited for a bit. I heard footsteps, and two people sat down.

"Umm... Hello?" They both said at the same time. I lifted my head, straightened my back, and looked at them smiling. They froze for a bit as if not knowing how to act. Then they realised who was in front of them, and lost all composure. The look on their faces were priceless. Their eyes widened to an unbelievable point, their bodies started to shake uncontrallbly. They looked at each other, as if asking each other if they were dreaming...

"Hi Honey I'm home!" I said mockingly with a smile.

The woman began to cry softly. Her whole body began to shake. She gathered her strength and tried to say something.

"N-Na-N.." She stammered

"Huh? Are you trying to say something?" I replied back still smiling. I was enjoying every minute of this. She just sat there for a moment, gathering her strength... Finally, she regained enough of her composure to reply.


A/N: Oh boy this was WAAYYY later than I thought it would be. Yeah I know it hasn't really answered anything yet, but it's getting there. Like OAHC it's gonna have a bit of a back story, but don't worry everything will be explained next chapter! No matter how long it is, I promise...

Inspiration: Well this is kinda embarassing but I was working on another one of my series, OA?HC! I got bored halfway and ended up wanting to do something different, so this came up! xD I'm really bad with timing, but for a rough idea on when stuff will be released check my profile. Thanks.