AN: So I have no idea exactly what I am doing on this site, so I am just going to wing it and post something. Tell me what you think, its just a short piece. I may make some extra chapters depending on if people like it. Enjoy!

Girls, they always dream about the day they turn 15. Some girls think that turning fifteen makes you magically pretty, others just think turning fifteen makes people stop treating you like a child. Me I just think turning fifteen makes you fifteen, but of course I wouldn't know because on my fifteenth birthday I was murdered by a boy who was always a nobody to me. Maybe that's why it happened I could never be sure even now as my mind and body deteriorates. Memories, songs, and stories everything is so hard to remember, but I still want to tell me story. As much as I can as to make sure no other pretty girls make my mistakes.

I was always known as the it girl. The one that was popular, pretty, smart, and just the girl everyone else in middle school and high school for that matter wanted to be. With fiery red hair, grey stormy eyes, and C cups at age 13 I was unstopply popular among boys. At the time I always thought that popularity was everything and if I lost it I would die. I was right to some degree you could say.

My life was perfect. I was a freshmen head cheerleader, I had a hot senior boyfriend, tons of friends and wannabes, and straight A's with a bright future ahead of me until I met "Him". I never did bother to find out his name, I mean he was a nobody he didn't deserve my divine presence let alone the last minutes of my life.

One day he just came up to me and sat with me ugh. He just stared at me when I told him to get he just got up and left. I knew there was something creepy about him then but with a busty schedule like mine nobodies got like five seconds max. So my life was normal for about a week then I saw him staring again, which I mean come on I was hot. This time I walked up to him and he gave me a freakish smile and walked away. Finally I concluded I had gained a stalker (or as I called it at the time an adoring fan that just couldn't get enough of me.)

So now we go to the day I woke up and realized I would turn 15 at 11:27 that night. When I went to school I was treated like a princess, of course, again he stared at me but who care it was my birthday. Then I went home with my boyfriend and opened the best presents money could buy, but for some reason I didn't think they were enough. That's the weird thing about this death thing you always look back on your life and realize what a terrible person you were. Me right now I am realizing I should have been nicer, happier, maybe even humble but you can't change what's already done right? Next thing I was outside, I could not remember why or how I got there it was a jumbled mess but I was still there.

Knowing what happened next didn't help the shock and pain I felt as I watched him come out of the shadows and grab ahold of my neck. I really had tried to fight him but he was just too strong. I felt myself lose air and pass out. This time I watched as he picked me up and took me to a shed somewhere in a yard. I couldn't really tell where it was things where blurring again. When I came to he was standing above me and I was lying on a table groggy from all the drugs he had given me. I asked him why he had done this to me, he didn't answer just stared with steely blue eyes. A thought flickered across my mind but try as I might I couldn't remember it.

Remembering what happened next made me want to cringe. I kept seeing things coming at me, eating me, clawing at me. I screamed but he never came to help me, just stared at me as I cringed away from my invisible assailants unable to defend myself with my hands and feet chained to the table. Finally after I felt I could scream no more he asked me in a cold voice if I wanted it to stop. I looked up at him with blood shot eyes and said yes in a small scratchy voice. All I remember is seeing his steely blue eyes then I was gone. The time was 11:26 i minute before my 15th birthday. He had killed me by slitting my throat after torturing me for four hours with hallucigents. I must say dying was a relief from the torture.

I have now seen the gates to heaven barred against my arrival, felt the fires of hell on my finger tips to be ripped away. I didn't realize it then but now I know my punishment is to be stuck reliving my life to only see it be taken away so brutally until I could remember no more and until I have deteriorated from this world forever.