Looking Within
Author: Zorra Reed

Inside, deep
where no one can see
Deep down, deep inside me
A pit, bottomless it would seem
For I cannot touch the end.

I hurt inside
Hurt deep within
Hurt so bad
Pain rises and I scream.

Loneliness it would seem
Has settled within
Burrowed into my soul
Loneliness is a treasure I never wanted to know.

Now together
my fear, shame, and doubt
Plagues my existence
I question my being.

Hold me please
with a tight embrace
Protecting me with warm grace
I needn't see your face
So long as you're near.

Inside, deep in my soul
Faith burns so bright
It keeps me alive
Yet, nothing have I to believe in.

Why is my world in shambles?
A crossing of reality
A crossing of imaginary
I can easily tell the differences
Still within my mind they mix.

The things that once were so dear
Now crumble in my hands
My very touch, like poison
Destroys and twists.

I'm demented with woe
Sorrow I embrace
Unable to face the truth of change
Here I hide beyond a mask
Always seeking what is beyond my reach.

I'm looking for something to hate
Something not myself
For my pain refuses to let me hurt
And my faith refuses to let me hate

So what am I then that matters?
What am I left with beyond the given?
What new mask shall I shatter?
What new shadow should I become?
Who am I to cry?

I simply am.

© copyright 2012 Moonrise Inn Publications