….two girls moved to a small town as emancipated minors. Their story was that they were army brats that needed to settle down somewhere and graduate. Maybe attend college. Their parents allegedly sent them off to their home town in south Texas to live in a home owned by relatives. But that was just their story.

It was believed by the locals that the girls were practicing witchcraft, and had moved to the town for more privacy. This was ridiculous, of course, because no one gets privacy in a small town.

"Just don't talk to her."


"People say…well, there's rumors of her being a witch."

"What? That's stupid."

"It is not! Her and her friend there are always writing in these weird little journals. Daryl sits behind her in calculus, and he says she writes spells."

"Spells? He probably just saw her grocery list."

"Fine, treat it like a joke, but if you wake up as a frog one morning, don't say I didn't warn you."

"You're so stupid, Jack, I bet you just have a crush on her."


Rowan and Avalbane had been living in their ancestral home for about a month before the school semester started. Avalbane decided that they needed to adopt the look of "normal" kids, and went on a five hour shopping spree, decorating their house in a disturbing mix of modern and cheesy furnishings. It was all Rowan could do to keep Avalbane away from her own room, and to make sure their clothes were at least decent and school appropriate.

Despite their Celtic background, Rowan and Avalbane looked nothing alike, which is why they came to America under the pretense that they were friends living together rather than sisters, like their parents had insisted they pretend to be. Rowan was tall with wild red locks and sharp features, while Avalbane was as fair and mild looking as her mother and sisters.

Growing up in a village where technology was not permitted, and every girl dreamed of learning witchcraft and marrying the man betrothed to her, had turned Rowan and Avalbane into two very different people.

For Rowan, moving to America meant that she had to stick by the rules of her coven even more fiercely than before, but for Avalbane, it meant freedom and new opportunities.

As Rowan attempted to keep the two of them together, Avalbane constantly strained against the culture of their Celtic heritage. They were sent to America to be safe from the wars between the covens. After their fathers were killed in battle, and their mothers captured, their older siblings sent them to the mainland straightaway, hoping to keep them as far away from danger as possible.

Going to school was just another burden on Rowan's shoulders, as she felt that she had no use for the information the modern educational system provided them with, and it made it more difficult to keep her and Avalbane away from people and the threat they posed. If the secret of their true identities were to be revealed to the ignorant, mortal world, they would not only be putting themselves in harms way, but their covens as well.