Chapter 5: Time To Call And Invite People

After Harry and Ginny were packed they went and called Fred and George who were very excited to talk to there little sister and they agreed to come along with Harry and Ginny they then called Ron and Hermione who quickly accepted Hermione being excited to see her best friends and all.

Percy and Annabeth ended up inviting there friends to tag along with them. Chris, Clarisse, Thaila, and Nico all agreed to come to see there friends. Then Annabeth privately called Luke to ask him and he also accepted making her almost screaming of joy. Which although see didn't know it put a smile on his face.

And of course with Edward and Bella they invited the whole family of Cullen's including Jacob to Edward's dismay(even though he married our daughter). They all agreed and started packing right after getting the message.

And last but not lest Katniss and Peeta invited no not really having anyone to invite because Gale would just get mad at them so they didn't invite anyone but, Katniss did make Peeta tell her were they where going and why he'd woke her up late. He told her where headed to but couldn't explain why he'd woke her up late and it settled at that.

Everyone was on there was to Mississippi.

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