A Mourners Plea
Author: Zorra Reed

If I don't want to mourn
will you make me?
If I don't want to cry
will you hate me?
If I sit here letting time slip by
will you still accept me?
These are things I desperately wish to know.

Take from me the pain of loss
Take from me the pain of hurt
Take from me the stinging of my heart
Take from me the chill from my blood

Rain now beats down upon my face
seeping into the earth.
The ground swells
freed from a terrible thirst.
Seasons pass into months
Months pass into years
Years are endlessly slipping by
dreams scatter as easily as dust.

Still, I shall hold a mystical ball inside me
held preciously at my core.
This is where hurt goes
when grief is to strong a burden to bear.
These are my tears
but filled with deep sorrow.

I will mourn but in my own way
I do not ask you to stop your weeping
I do not ask you to stay.
Go saccharine spirit with grace and speed
into the Heavens where Angels await thee

I set you free of such a nostalgic task.
Now go!
You needn't linger here for me.
I will mourn
when it so pleases me to do so.

©Moonrise Inn Publications