10th in the Jason/Tommy series. This is a record though, two serious ones in a row!

Cheater Cheater

"You bought a what?"

Those where the four words out of my mouth as Jason pulled me into his garage after vanishing for like, four hours, and not answering my phone calls, leaving me to stare at the wall, and tv, and my parents, and our neighbors. Then I had to call William, and ask him to come over, but he was out with Jayden on a date. Then I called Katy, but she was with her parents on a family weekend, and wouldn't be back until late tonight. So then I called Abby, but she said she had lots of homework to do.

I ended up in the kitchen, staring at my mom cook, kicking the counter with my feet. She was going on and on about how my dad had embarrassed her at the store by knocking over, "every aisle in a fifty foot radius, gosh, my face was so red!" That's when my front door opened, and Jason appeared, a wide grin on his face.

"I bought a motorcyle!"

Which is how I got to where I am now, standing in my front yard, looking at the sleek, glossy, black motorcyle. It was pretty cool, but I still couldn't believe he'd bought it. Afterall, he'd only got his driver's license like, two months ago, and I can't imagine where he got the money from, since he didn't have a job. Had he robbed some elderly couple?

I was silent as I stared at it, wondering what I was supposed to say. Jason was grinning widely, and he kept looking back to me, waiting for me to say something. So I looked at him and asked, "How did you get the money for this?"

Jason shrugged. "I've been saving up."

"Hmm. And what are you gonna do with it?"

"Ride it to school!"


"And you'll ride it with me!"

That made me take a step back. "I'm going to what?"

He grinned at me like I was being silly. "We're going to do like every other couple! You're going to ride behind me, and wrap your arms around my waist!"

I rolled my eyes.

"And why would I do that?"

"Because you want to be seen on a motorcyle with the hottest guy in town!"

Conceited. But at the same time, true. Jason read this in my eyes said, "Don't worry! We'll be fine."

"Just don't drop me, or crash, or something, because I'll kill you in heaven."

He shrugged my completely serious death threat off. "I can't wait to show up in school in this thing!"


His wish was granted the next morning, after he'd texted all of our friends to wait for us outside, and after our parents had gathered in the front yard and all told us different versions of, "Be careful."

"Make sure to hold on tight!" My mother had said to me over and over.

"Don't drive too fast." Jason's father said.

"Make sure not to mix up the handles!" Jason's mother said.

"If you fall off, you might die." My father thoughtfully added, just as we started to take off.

I got on the back of the damn thing, and wrapped my arms around Jason's chest, silently thanking whoever was cool enough to think of to invent these things. It was obviously used so that couples could have an excuse to touch each other.

A moment later we were off, Jason shouting into the wind, "Hold on Princess!"

Seconds later, the wind was throwing my hair back, and my clothes, which I had actually been thinking felt a smidge too tight, were suddenly billowing behind us like a parachute. I stared at the people who stared at us as we passed. I knew they couldn't recognize us with our helmets on, but I had a feeling one or two realized we were both boys, because I saw some fingers pointing before we zoomed by them.

It was an awesome feeling, like you were flying through the air at fourty miles an hour.

When we pulled up to the school, heads turned, and I saw some girls pointing at Jason, obviously assuming some hunky, hot guy was under the helmet. I saw them waiting for him to take it off, not paying me any attention. Only when Jason's helmet came off did I see comprehension dawn in their eyes, and they looked at me, jealousy in their eyes, before they wandered off.

But suddenly I saw a girl, one I'd never seen before, coming at us. I pulled my helmet off and narrowed my eyes at her, wondering what she wanted. She had long black hair that bounced when she walked, slender swimmer legs, and boobs that would sufficate Paul Bunyan.

She was focused on Jason, and grinned sexily when she saw that he had spotted her.

"Hey there." she said, and her voice sounded like what some boys might describe as silk rubbing velvet, but what I called the sound of fifty cats hacking up furballs at the same time.

I tried not to hate people when we'd only just met, but something told me to hate this girl, immensly, and so I just listened to it, my hate boiling up from my gut. I'd never felt such hate, not even for Jazz, who actually wasn't too bad, once you got to know her. We weren't friends or anything, and I still watched Jason like a hawk when she was around, but so far, it hadn't seemed like I had any reason to continue hating her, especially since she was so grateful to me for saving her life.

Now I had this one to concentrate on.

"Hey." Jason answered smoothly, sliding the helmet under his arm. He reached out for mine, and that was when she seemed to just realize I was there. Her eyes went to me, sliding up and down my body like she was searching for something. I did the same to her. Our eyes met for a brief moment, and we both registered it at the same time. Nobody else around us had realized something had changed. They didn't realize that the air had shifted. But we knew.

It was on.

"I'm Carly." she said to Jason, reaching out to shake his hand. "I'm new to this school."

Which explained how she hadn't known about us.

"I'm Jason." Jason relplied, shaking her hand. I gulped when I saw that he was eyeing her body, like I had. Except that his was more...appreciative...and lusty.

This couldn't be happening. Jason was gay.

Then again, it was possible that he was bisexual. I'd never asked.

Carly saw the way he stared and she brushed a strand of hair behind her ear in a sexy gesture. Curse her. I couldn't do that with my hair, the bitch.

"And who's this?" she asked, like she'd only just noticed my excistence. Jason turned to me, looking confused, like he'd forgotten I was there. Damn. Damn stupid Carly.

"This is Tommy-"

"I'm his boyfriend."

She smiled a, "quaint" smile, and then turned back to Jason.

"So you're bi? That's hot."

We both stared at him, waiting, hoping. This was the moment I needed, for him to tell her he was gay, and to go away because he wasn't interested her obviously (hopefully) fake breasts.

"Yeah, I guess." Jason answered, and my stomach dropped to my feet in dismay. Damn again.

"Cool." she said. She looked at me for a brief second. "Hey, I'm having a party tonight, and if you two want to come, I'd be glad to have you over."

"A party?" I snorted. "You just said you're new."

"Yeah, but I won't be after tonight."

Bitch. I had a feeling that even though she had said, "Two," she really just wanted Jason.

"We'd love too." Jason said, and I bit my lip, growing worried. He was showing too much interest in her. I had to stop him from going to that party. Should I tempt him into staying home with sex? Yuck, what was I? A prostiute? I'd have to consult with William on this.

"Great." Carly said with a wink. "See you there."


I couldn't talk with William until lunch, since Jason was in my third period, and I didn't see my wacky friend again until lunch. And then I had to practically pry him away from Jayden, his boyfriend. The two had been going out ever since the first day of senior year, when Jayden had risked himself to protect William from another student. The only difference was that this one had been carrying a gun.

He was quiet as I told him my situation, and I ended it with, "What about you? Jayden's bisexual. Aren't you worried he'll leave you for a girl?"

"Mmm." William thought about it, and after a while, he nodded. "Yeah, sometimes. But I figure, if he really loves me, then it doesn't matter. And if he leaves me, he didn't love me, and he wasn't worth the time."

Wasn't worth the time? Was that what I had to do? Make sure he really loved me?

I looked at William.

"So you think I should let him go to the party?"

William nodded. "It's a trust test."

The bell rang ten minutes later, and I watched William walk off with Jayden, laughing loudly while Jayden barely managed a smile.

Trust test.

Damn fucker better pass.


So that night, me and Jason rode over to the party, on his motorcyle again. I clutched him harder the closer we got, wondering if by the end of the night, I wouldn't be holding him again.

"Tommy?" Jason yelled over the wind. "You okay?"

I shouted back, "I'm fine!" Even though I felt like I was on my way to hell.

It didn't take a genius to figure out where the party was. There were cars for blocks, and I could hear the music playing far before we reached the house. As we went up the steps, I couldn't help but remember the last time we'd been to a party. Jason had ended up in the hospital, and the whole school had figured out we were gay, though that last part was kinda on me.

Carly found Jason almost instantly, so quickly that I thought she must have been standing by the window, looking out, waiting.

"Hey Jason. Tommy." she said as she literally bounced over, making her triple Z boobs knock over four lamps and crush two tables.


Yeah, I'm exaggerating.

"Hey Car." Jason said, and my head snapped to look at him. He'd already given her a nickname? Had they had another class together? Then again, why hadn't I wondered how he'd known her address? Damnit...whatever, it was a sucky nickname anyway. He just shortened her name. It would be like calling my Tom, which was actually my real name, but I hated it when people called me that, which they rarely did.

Only my mom, when I was in trouble.

For the first time, I wished he'd call me Princess, so I could show that skank a thing or two about nicknames.

"You want a drink?" Carly offered Jason a cup, and he reached for it. I recognized the first step in her game instantly. Get them drunk. Without thinking, I smacked the cup from her hand, and the liquid pooled over her carpet.

"Tommy, what the heck?" Jason asked in disbelief, but Carly gave me a knowing look, and grinned. I frowned and stared at the carpet, wishing I could rub the spill up with Carly's perfect face.

I had the overwhelming urge to walk away, but I knew I couldn't do that. If I did, Carly would certainly win, and she'd take Jason, my childhood friend, my brother growing up, and my boyfriend. And I wouldn't give up so easy.

"Tommy." Jason said, trying to get me to look up. I grit my teeth. I recognized his tone. He was disapointed. He was about to ask me to apologize, the fuck knob.

"Jason, can I talk to you outside?" I asked, and even though he cocked an eyebrow, he followed me out. The moment we were out of Carly's hearing range, I turned to him.

"Do you like Carly?"

He looked stunned, and didn't say anything for a few seconds, before he frowned.


"She obviously likes you." I saw him start to speak, but I stopped him. "Don't play stupid, you'd have to be retarded not to see it. Now, do you like her?"

It was quiet for a few seconds as Jason processed all that had just happened, putting my actions into the puzzle in his head. Suddenly, he grinned.

"Are you jealous?"

I was about to deny it, but I knew if I did, then chances of losing him would rise. So, I swallowed my pride.


He grinned for a few more seconds, but then he asked, "Yes, I see that she likes me, but Tommy, what makes you think I'd go for her?"

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest, feeling my old insecurity rising back up. I looked at the ground.

"Have you seen her? She's every man's wet dream. And I'm...me." It was a cliche, over used line, but it was all I needed to say.

Suddenly, Jason was hugging me tightly.

"Babe, don't do that again. Your beautiful, and I love you."

His sincerity made me feel like an ass. I hugged him back, tightly.

"Love you too."

I was being stupid. Stupid.


It was almost six hours later, and the party was still in full swing. Even worse in some cases, since some people were beyond drunk. At the moment, I was trying to force my way past a whole room full of people.

Me and Jason had been seperated about an hour ago, when some guy I didn't even recognize had pulled him away, wanting to to show him something. I had tried to follow behind, but there were so many people that I couldn't make it after him.

I'd already scoped out outside, and all of the downstairs, so that just left me upstairs. I started up, passing people that had apparently made it their mission to make it as hard as possible for people to make it up the stairs. When I reached the top, I was surprised to find Jazz at the top, leaning against a wall by herself.

"Hey Jazz." I said, and she looked over. She gave me a smile.

"Hey Tommy. What are you doing here?"

"Looking for Jason."

"Oh, him and the new girl went into that room about an hour ago." she said, sounding innocent enough. For a second, I didn't panic. Jason wouldn't cheat. But then me and Jazz locked eyes, and I realized, he did cheat. He'd cheated on Jazz. With me. And suddenly, I realized why Jazz had hated me so much.

"Oh." she gasped, comprehending. "You don't think..." she trailed off, and I felt my heart freeze. She and I looked toward the door, and I tried to gather all my courage together. I started toward the door she'd indicated, and she followed behind me, peeking over my shoulder.

I didn't even knock. Because if that fucker was cheating on me, I didn't want to even give him the chance to try and hide it. I just threw the door open.

My eyes went instantly to the two figures in the bed, and my heart shattered into a million pieces right there, as I saw, with my own two, sober eyes, Jason, without a shirt, asleep, next to Carly, who was in the same position. I didn't have to lift the sheets to know that he was naked under there too.

"Oh, Tommy..." Jazz whispered next to me, and the sadness in her voice made me suddenly want to hug her. God, had I made her feel like this? This horrible, ripping pain? Suddenly, I was closer to her then I ever had thought I would be. I felt her hand slip into mine, and squeeze it. I pulled it away, but not because I didn't want it. I needed that hand for something else.

I marched across the room, lifted my hand, and slapped Jason right across his stupid, sleeping, beautiful fucking face. He let out a shout of pain, and his eyes snapped open, going straight to me. He stared at me for a few seconds, confused on what was going on. But then I saw his eyes widen, and he looked at the sleeping girl next to him.

"Tommy!" he gasped, and I waited, thinking he'd do what they always do, and say, "This isn't what it looks like!" But instead he whispered, "I'm so sorry."

I didn't think it was possible for my heart to break anymore.

"FUCKER!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, so loudly that the people around the door looked in, and I could hear the people downstairs shouting up to figure out what had happened.

I could feel tears rolling down my cheek, so I quickly spun and ran out the room. Jazz got out of my way, and I thought I heard her say something to Jason like, "You're a slut."

Of course, a few seconds later I could hear Jason following after me, shouting my name. Of course he'd chase me. I was the greatest thing that would ever happen to him, the mother fucker!

"Tommy, stop!" he shouted, and I looked back and saw that he was knocking people out of the way, trying to get to me, wearing only a pair of pants.

"Get away!" I screamed, choking on my sobs. "You cheated on me! I don't need you! GET AWAY!"

"TOMMY, STOP!" he yelled, so loudly that if we hadn't had everybody in the house staring at us before, they certainly were now. I ignored him, pushing past the onlookers. One of them was William, and when he saw me, his eyes were wet with tears too.

"Tommy...no..." he said, and I bit my lip to stop myself from taking it out on him. He was the one who suggested we go to this dumb party. But I knew it wasn't his fault. It just turned out he was right, and that Jason hadn't been worth my time.

I nodded and went by him, ripping the door open. I hit the ground running, but a second later, Jason had me by the arm, and was holding on to me tightly.

"Tommy, please! I'm sorry!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I screamed, so loudly that people around us covered their ears. "Let go of me, or I'll hit you again!"

I raised my other arm threatingly, but he grabbed it, and held it still effortless. Damn him and his strength, damn him, damn him!

"What are you doing?" he asked softly, trying to calm me down.


"Would you please stop screaming? Everybody is looking at us."

"WELL GOOD! HEY EVERYBODY, JASON FEVER IS A CHEATER! HE CHEATED ON JAZZ WITH ME, AND NOW HE'S CHEATING ON ME WITH CARLY!" I screamed, and my lungs were burning, and my throat felt like it was bleeding.

I heard whispering around us, and some not so quiet talk, and I kept screaming, though quieter this time, since I was begining to highly suspect that I was seriously hurting my voice box. My screams mixed in with my sobs, so I couldn't tell for sure if everyone understood me, though I was pretty sure they did.

"Even after I saved him from a burning car, and saved his ex-girlfriend!"

More grumbling. And it was directed at Jason.

"Tommy! Shut up!" Jason screamed at me, and he was mad now, I could tell, but good, good because I was heartbroken.

"You didn't mean any of that, "Beautiful," shit did you? It was all crap!" I said to him, trying to pull my arms away. "I believed you, you fucker, and I even let you...let you take my fucking virginity!" It was embarrassing to say infront of all these people, but I wanted him to look like a dick.

I felt his grip tighten on my arm, and he asked, "How are you planning on getting home? I'm your ride!"

"Yeah well, you can ride you stupid motorcyle on your own! You can do everything on your own, because we're through!"

He dropped my arms at my words, and I didn't waste a second, running off into the dark night, crying, and screaming, and cursing, and wishing my life would end.


I can tell when I open the door that my parents are ready to scold me when I walk in the door, but one look at my face, and they stop.

"Tommy, what's wrong?" my mom asked worridly, coming over to me. I wanted to scream some more, because I was so angry, but instead, I hugged my mother tightly, sobbing into her shoulder. Her arms wrapped around me tightly, and she clutched me so hard I thought she'd crush my lungs.

"What happened, son?" my dad asked from behind her, but I don't answer, because my heart feels too sick, and betrayed.

I pull away from my mom, and go up my stairs, falling onto my bed, and continuing my pathetic weeping. I'd never felt this low in my entire life.

My phone keeps going off, texts messages coming every few minutes. They're from William, Jayden, Katy, and Abby, all of whom are them asking if I'm okay, and if what they heard was true, and what had happened since. I don't answer any of them.

After about an hour, I hear the doorbell ring, and I know that it's Jason, and that my mom, not knowing what has happened, will let him in. I jump from my bed, and just as I imerge into the living room, Jason is stepping in. I give him my most furious face, and screaming, "Get out!"

I shove him as hard as I can, so that he stumbles backward, back outside.

"Tommy, what are you doing?" my mom asks, stunned. I ignore her.

"I told you, we're through! So stay away from me!" I order, hoping he can't tell that I've been crying all this time. I slame the door shut in his face, then turn and run, trying to go back to my room. But my dad is there waiting, and he catches me before I make it to the stairs.

I thrash around as he tries to drag me to the coach, but he's a lot bigger then me, and eventually, I'm sitting on the coach, my mother and father on either side of me.

"Tommy, what happened between you and Jason?" my dad asks.

"What do you think?" I mumble miserably, and my mother bites her lip.

"Did he...cheat on you?"

I nod.

"Oh, my poor baby!" my mother wails, pulling me into her chest, squeezing me tightly. My father sits there, stunned, and he finally asks, "Why would he do that? Why? With who?"

I don't answer, instead, I just sit there silently.

Dead inside.


My parents are on the phone with Jason's for hours, trying to figure out what has happened. Jason's parents both show up, and his mother hugs me harder then my mom.

"Oh, Tommy. I'm so sorry. I never thought...he must have been drunk...oh God, I'm sorry."

I knew he was drunk, he'd texted me mutiple times, telling me he was, pleading for me to come and talk to him. But I couldn't.

The next day at school, I didn't show up to first period. I just sat in the library, ignoring the confused stares of the librarian.

In the periods leading up to lunch, I indure the whispers, and the pointing, trying not to let them get to me, especially the hurtful ones.

At lunch, I couldn't help but feel smug as William, Jayden, Katy, and Abby all came to me. Me and Jason were torn, and everyone of them had chosen me. And to my surprise, Jazz shows up.

"Are you okay?" Jayden asks.

"Have you guys talked?" Katy asked.

"I can't believe he did that!" William says angirly.

"I can." Jazz says.

I answered their questions, glad that none of them were telling me to forgive him. As we were talking, I looked up, and I saw Carly, walking through a crowd, all of them oohing and aahing over her. I was so glad to see that Jason wasn't with her.

When she passed, she looked up and saw me. She grinned wickedly, and waved, making everyone turn and look. The people between me and her grew silent, except from a few unhappy grumblings.

To my surprise, from what I could hear, they were all sympathetic towards me, and angry towards her. When I looked at the people who were doing it, I was touched to see that most of them were the students from my first period, the ones that had seen me get shot. Many of them had come to me since that day months ago, and thanked me, telling me that I had saved them, and that I was the bravest person they'd ever met.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Jason. He was standing by the stairs, and he was watching me and Carly, with a look of worry and anger.

"Hey, Tommy." Carly purred and I stood up. My friends stood up behind me, tense, and waiting to see what I was going to do.

It wasn't a smart thing.

I jumped forward, ready to hurt her, and she stumbled back, surprised and terrified.

"You bitch!" I screamed at her. "You slut!"

Hands grabbed at me from behind, holding me back.

"Go to hell!" I screamed at her, as my friends pulled me away from the stunned crowd. I let them do it, even though I was burning with rage. The crowd was chattering, all worked up. I snapped around and looked at Jason, who seemed surprised that I had known he was there.

"You go with her!" I hissed, beyond bitter, and filled with hate.

"Tommy, please, let me at least speak to you!" he pleaded, but I turned away, and marched down the cold, echoing hallway.


That night, I wasn't angry anymore. I was sad again. My day at home had been no better then at school. My parents were keeping their distance, letting me have space, but what I needed was comfort. I felt bad for them, because I knew it must be awkward for them to be with Jason's parents, who were their best friends. I told them they could hang out with them all they wanted, but to now invite me along anymore, because I wouldn't go.

That night, I was deep in sleep, when my door suddenly opened. I blinked wearily, but my eyes opened wide when I recognized Jason's frame in my doorway. I thrust my hand out.

"Give me your key." I ordered. He shook his head, and put it into his pocket.

"Tommy, please. Let's talk."

"No." I said right away. "Let's not talk. I have nothing to say to you." Apparently this wasn't entirely true, because a second later I said, "You cheated on me."

"I was drunk." he whispered, sitting on my bed. I debated wether or not to shout for my parents. But, for some stupid reason, I didn't. I let him sit there.

"That's no excuse." I said, turning my head away from him.

"No." his voice agreed. "It's not. I hurt you. I hurt the one I love more then anyone else."

"Shut up." I said. "Stop telling me stupid lies. None of that, "beautiful," shit was true. You just wanted to try something new right? See what it was like?"

"No!" he said instantly, harshly. "What happened was not your fault, and had nothing to do with you! I was just weak...and..." he trailed off for a moment, before finishing with, "I love you, Tommy."

I tried not to listen, because I didn't want to believe him. Who would cheat on somebody they loved? Still, I answered him.

"I love you too." he smiled for a second, so I added, "which is way we're over. I can't have somebody I love doing shit like this to me."

He smile disappeared. "It won't happen again, I promise. I'll never hurt you again. You're my Princess."

I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. Because I knew if I did, I'd give in.

"Please." he said. "We can take it slow. I'll prove to you, that I love you."

"Oh yeah. How?" I asked sarcastically.

"Any way you want." he insisted. I sat there, thinking. More then anything, I wanted to be with Jason. He was all I really had, the only thing that made me happy.

"You...promise?" I asked. "It won't happen...again?"

He smiled joyfully, and pulled me into his chest, hugging me harder then anyone had in the last two days. I tried to stop myself, but a second later, I was crying again, from joy, and anger, and the built up sadness.

"I'm sorry," Jason kept repeating, rocking me on the bed, kissing my face softly. "I love you. I love you."


Of course, our parents were overjoyed, and our mothers weeped when they figured out.

"We were so worried!" my mother said, and that was when my father leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Me and Jason looked at each other, and my mother said, "Oh that's right! Everything was so tense, I forgot!"

She had the whole rooms attention, except I could tellthat Jason's parents knew whatever she was about to say, because his mother was smiling brightly.

"Tommy, me and your father have great news."

I figured it out right there. There was pretty much only one thing that could follow those words. I couldn't believe it. All my life, it had only been me, my parents, Jason, and his parents.

"I'm pregant!"

Max- Random ending.

Me- No, I've had it planned for a while, I just kept forgetting.

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