This is really just an experiment. Now that I'm off from college(freedom!) I figured this would be a good way to keep my brain active for a bit. Any concrit is welcome and appreciated.

Father's Note

10th October, 1897, morning.

Dear Helen,

If I go before you wake, let this be my goodbye. Though I don't yet know when I shall be back, I promise that I will write to you the moment I step inside Joseph's home. I am sorry to have left at such short notice, but Joseph's son is growing weaker every day. Barely twenty and already dying... I am so glad you were never sickly. Forgive me for asking you to stay at home, but a dying man is no sight for a young woman— and at this terrible time, I don't know how Joseph would react to a stranger.

I should be back soon, before November at least, and I promise that I will write as soon as I get to Joseph's home so that you'll know I arrived safely. In the mean time, I thought that you might like this diary to help you occupy your mind while I am gone. If nothing else, you can always practice your shorthand in it. Or you could sketch in it perhaps? I have your mother's old sketches somewhere, remind me to show you them when I get home.

Don't worry about me while I'm away. I am only going to London, after all. Until then, be sure to take your medicine and to lock the doors at night. I have left the keys to the study on the table. If you have the time to, please would you type up the medical notes on my desk, or record them on the phonograph? (You know how useless I am with these things.)

Finally, keep Joseph and his boy John in your prayers, won't you? Heaven knows they need them.

I have to finish this note here, or I shall miss my train. Look after yourself, my treasure.

Your loving father.