Rain falls from the skies,

Rain falls from her eyes.

Amid the storm,

Her heart shatters.

She wonders why, oh, why must this happen?

Why, oh, why must this happen to me?

Every ounce of her strength,

She pours into the fight.

All the decisions before her,

Her head spins.

What is the right decision?

Her heart falls deeper into uncertainty.

She takes a step back,

And there's this urge to run.

Scream and cry as she will,

Only Jesus truly knows her heart.

Her comfort through the dark times,

He tells her not to fear.

Her guide into the light,

He tells her to confront her problems.

The life inside her heart,

He encourages her.

Her protector,

He warns her when she is reckless.

When the rain stops,

There is always a rainbow.