Lyra the Giantess

Rated M for Violence, Death, Blood

Summary: Lyra, Princess of the Famous Faztrix Empire, is seventeen years old and not ready for the responsibilities her father wants to hand her. She'd rather be out with her brothers killing dragons then dealings with capital affairs. When she tries to go to the forest to relax one day, she is kidnapped and ends up in a place where hell and earth meet. Rated M

Chapter 1: Broken Spirits

Lyra stormed down the halls of Jorravak loathing the existence of her father. She turned sharply and looked at the room around her. Weapons and armors lined the walls. She took her favorite bow then walked in front of four armors that stood out against the others.

The ones on the left and right end belonged to her older twin brothers. They both were light armors adorned with the family insignia. The one on the left had a crimson red cape and pale gold chainmail. The one on the right had a pure black cape and silver chainmail.

Lyra ran her hand over the display cases of her brothers' armors then coiled her fist. She wasn't in the mood to think about those two trouble makers. They always seemed to know everything about what she was doing and what she was planning on doing.

She looked at the armor next to hers and sneered. It was her fathers. This armor was on the heavier side and was more elegant. It had a long cape with the family insignia stitched on it with the finest silk known to man. The chainmail was a bright silver color that was tinted with red. The chest plate was lined with the finest jewels and had the family insignia as well.

She looked at hers and smiled a bit. Her armor was light and had a sexy chainmail skirt. It came with black huntress boots and a small blue cape. She had elegant black gloves and she even had the local blacksmith make her strong leather pockets that she could attach to her armor. The chest plate of her armor had the family insignia and her armor was a dark gray color.

She took a necklace off her neck and used the key attacked to it to open the display case that housed her armor. She took off her simple dress and quickly put on her armor. She put her necklace back around her neck, picked up her bow, and went to walk out until she heard chuckling.

"Sister, what's the rush?" said a manly voice. Lyra sighed and looked over at her brother, Kane. He was taller than her by a few inches. He had wild blonde hair and sky-blue eyes. His toned muscles and olive skin shined with health with every step he made towards her. He grabbed her arm and pulled on it gently.

"Why are you wearing this? We are not in war as far as I know," Kane said with a mischievous smile. Lyra pulled her arm away from Kane and glared at him.

"I'm going hunting for deer. I wish to make some jerky for myself," Lyra said as she made her way out of the room. Kane chuckled lightly and followed her.

"Lyra the Liar, I know what you're really doing. Hunting for dragons is dangerous," Kane said as they made it to the entrance of Jorravak. Lyra turned on her heels and sighed loudly.

"If you fear for my safety, then why don't you come with me? We could conquer a dragon easily with the both of us," Lyra said as she looked her brother up and down. It weirded her out at how he always seemed to be smiling and laughing. His smile got wider and he turned away from her walking back from way they came.

"I guess that is a satisfactory idea. I'll go inform Fang and we'll meet you here in a few minutes," Kane said over his shoulder. Lyra slumped against the wall and sighed. Fang wasn't exactly one for adventuring. While he was an excellent fighter, he was obsessed with reading. Their father yelled at him once for reading during prayer. He sat a book on his lap and read about useful tips about fighting instead of praying to the gods.

Lyra was sure while she and Kane would be sitting planning an attack Fang would be sitting reading a book paying no attention to their plan. And gods forbid you didn't invite him. You'd be scorned by him. Their father also set a rule of sorts saying that if one of them had a dangerous goal, they had to help them conquer their goal. Within reason of course.

Kane and Fang walked down the halls in their respective armors. Kane held his claymore proudly while Fang's hands glowed with heat. Lyra tapped her foot as they made their way over to her.

"You two take forever," Lyra said as she hailed the two guards to open the doors. Kane laughed and patted Fang on the back.

"He was so absorbed in his reading, I had to drag him out of the grand library with my own two hands," Kane said as they all made their ways out of Jorravak. Fang pulled out a small leather bound book and started reading while Kane and Lyra were on the prowl for dragons.

Kane sniffed the air then looked west. He could smell the distinct scent of burning flesh. He looked at Lyra and Fang.

"Can you guys smell that as well?" Kane asked as he walked off of the stone path into the woods. Lyra sniffed the air and cringed. The scent of human flesh burning was on the opposite end of being delectable.

They struggled their way through the dense bushel to find the cause of the burning flesh. While Fang was skeptical that the dragon, or whatever it was, that caused this was still there. Kane and Lyra however were hung up on the idea of taking a dragon down.

They had done it before countless times but the thrill from it never seemed to die. From small to monstrous sized to Fire breathing to Ice spitting dragons they never got tired of killing any type of dragon. Lyra could clearly remember the first dragon she had slain with her older brother, Kane. It was a plump, rusted-red dragon that breathed fire. It had dirt-brown eyes and scales that shined against the sunlight allowing it to cloak itself among the sky.

She also remembered how it used it so many times to fool her and how it was the main reason she got injured. If Kane wasn't there, she surely would be dead and scattered around the plains as dragon fertilizer. She cringed at the thought of being digested by a dragon. That'd be horrible.

Kane stuck his hand up and pointed ahead. Lyra squinted and gasped at the sight. A small town was a blaze. Charred bodies lined the streets as a waterfall of fresh blood made its way around the town. They all ran into the town and started looking survivors. All their efforts and valor were only able to produce one survivor: A small girl.

Her tanned skin was covered in dirt and her bright blue eyes contrasted against her raven-black. She had a gash across her face and her left leg was broken. If they never ventured out here, she surely would be meeting the grim reaper.

The little girl wailed when they started making their way out of the charred town.

"My mommy! I can't leave her!" the little girl shouted as she wormed her way out of Kane's arms. She tried to get up but crumpled over because of her broken leg. Lyra got on her knees and comforted the little girl.

"We look through this whole town for survivors dear, you're the only one."

"No, you don't understand! Her remains are in a vase and I can't leave her," The girl wailed out as tears cleaned her ash covered face. Lyra stood up and noticed the girl pointing to a house.

She looked at Kane and Fang and ran off ahead of them into the burning house. She kicked down the door and coughed as ash danced around her mouth. She swallowed the little saliva she had left then started through the house. She checked all down stairs and saw nothing. She headed upstairs and in the first room she entered she found the vase. She plucked the vase from its spot and when she turned around to leave, she saw a locket and picked it up.

She started down the stairs until they fell in. She shouted at the sudden impact and felt her lungs wheezing for clean air. She shook her head and winched in pain. She started struggling to get up and cursed the gods. She refused to let this piece of wood keep her down. Using all her might, she shoved the wood off of her, stood up, and ran out of the house.

Kane handed Fang the small girl and ran over to Lyra dusting off all the ash and dirt. Fang held the small girl bridal style and put the vase and locket away in his pack. Lyra shook herself allow her skin to breathe better. They all walked away from the town hearing the little girl cry.

When they got out of sight of the town, they sat the little girl down and started asking her questions on what happened in the town. The little girl was resistant at first but eventually gave in to their request.

"I was outside sitting with my older brother when a dragon came out of the sky. It flew over and blew fire everywhere! My brother, a warrior-in-training, took out his bow and started to help defend the town but …" The little said trailing off at the end. Lyra felt her heart ache. She patted the little girls back and looked up at her brothers. Kane sat down next to the little girl.

"Can you tell us what the dragon looked like?" Kane asked as Lyra and Fang were dripping with sympathy. The little girl wiped her face while Kane hugged her. Lyra stood up and started scanning the sky for any sight of the dragon while Fang was making a small potion for the little girl. She looked tired and he had the remedy for it: a stamina potion.

Lyra looked at the sky a few more seconds, deemed it safe, and turned around when she heard screaming. She saw her brother, Kane, impaled with a long sword and the little girl running off. Fang sprinted from his alchemy kit and held Kane, tending to his wound.

Fang and Lyra locked eyes and Lyra took off after the little girl. She ran through the dense forest hearing the shrill cries of the girl. She took out her bow, took aim, and hit the girls left leg. The little girl tumbled and fell over as Lyra finally caught up with her. Lyra harshly grabbed her and pushed her up against a tree.

The little girl wasn't human. It was a Duna. Duna's were named after the Goddess of Torture due to the sick and twisted ways they tortured humans just like the Goddess Dunatra did during the Faztrix War. They were her little helpers because they could easily transform and lure ignorant people to their chambers.

After the Faztrix Empire was able to defeat the Goddess Dunatra, they slaughtered thousands of Dunas in the name of Alduio, God of Justice. The remaining ones were banished to Tiagura, a land where it is said hell and earth combine.

Lyra cringed at the thought of Kane – he was lucky he only got stabbed.

The Duna's black-beady eyes looked at Lyra while its jaw of crooked, rotten teeth smiled with pleasure. It's brown, leaf-like skin trickled with a poisonous sap that could kill a human within seconds – that is if the Duna made it potent even.

"What is a Duna doing over here in Kalguia? Your kind isn't allowed here and I'll gladly make an example of you to remind your race of your banishment," Lyra spat out while the Duna snapped its jaw close. The Duna licked its thin lips and cackled.

"Your father's reign will be over soon. The Goddess Dunatra has an army that' if Daniel Faztrix himself were alive would be fearful of."

"You dare threaten my family with such blasphemy? How disgraceful of your own race," Lyra said as she took out a dagger from one of her leather pouches, holding it to the Duna's small, stocky throat.

She dug the knife into its skin and quickly sliced watching the Duna's blood spill out from the cut and its body go limp. She let the body fall on the grass and just sighed with annoyance. She was irritated with the whole situation.

They let their guard down and Kane was injured. Lyra shook her head and turned back towards where her brothers were and sprinted back. When she got back to the spot, she saw Fang and Kane sitting on moss-covered rocks.

"Kane, are you feeling well? That thing was a Duna, can you believe that?" Lyra asked while she looked at wound. He was stabbed in his left shoulder. Lyra looked at the sky, seeing the sun was getting ready to set, and sighed. No dragons today.

Today had just been terrible and Lyra just wanted to sleep it off. She motioned to Fang that they were leaving and helped Kane up. Kane grimaced when Lyra made him put his arm around her shoulders. They were making their way back when they heard the cry of a dragon, making them all look up at the sky. The dragon was a bluish black color and had golden eyes. It had spikes all over its spine and a huge wingspan.

"Shit, of all the times a dragon makes itself known," Kane cursed out. Lyra looked over at him and cringed. What were they going to do? They could make a run for it but Kane wasn't in the best condition to be running. They also could fight the dragon but then again, what about Kane? He couldn't lift his claymore and the only magic he knew was healing – and last time Lyra checked, that can't kill a dragon.

Fang's hand started glowing a deep blue as he held his hands above his head. Ice spurred from his hands causing a blizzard up in the sky. The dragon stopped its flying to fight the blizzard off while Fang yelled at Lyra to shoot the damn thing.

Kane took his arm off Lyra's shoulder, and watched as she quickly took her bow and aimed at the dragon. She shot at its right wing and his it. The dragon screeched at the impact of the arrow and glared at the ground. Lyra noticed it glaring and hurried to the trees while Fang started chanting an old power chain. Lyra strained her ears to hear what power chain he was using and gasped at which one he was using.

It was Kit's Damnation. The user would attack their enemy with fire first, then water, and finally lightning. She pointed her bow at the dragon and shot at its left eye, hitting it right on the mark. The dragon stuck its tongue out while it cried out. It turned quickly and swung its tail wildly, knocking down many trees. Lyra jumped out of the way of a falling tree, tumbled and pointed an arrow to its other eye. She released the arrow and watched it impale the right eye of the dragon.

The dragon hissed with pain from the arrow and blew fire in front of itself. Kane gasped and quickly as he could he got out of the way of the flame, catching his red cape on fire. He ripped it off with his right hand and stomped out the fire while making sure to keep an eye on the fight.

Fang finally finished his chant and watched it go to work. Fire shot from his hands, covering the whole dragon in flames. The dragon withered in pain, hissing out loudly. Rain then fell from the sky outing out the fire, showing the dragon's skin horribly burned. The dragon swung its tail once more until it finally fell over dead from the lightning.

Lyra put her bow back and ran to Kane to make sure he was alright. When she saw that he was fine, she turned her attention to the corpse of the dragon. She ran her hand over the snout of the dragon, to its jaw, and opened its mouth. She reached inside the dragon and ripped out with all her might the dragon's fangs. They'd look nice as a pair of earrings.

Fang sighed as he set the corpse on fire so they could dispose of it. Kane and Lyra watched the dragon corpse burn and both prayed to Aludio, to signify they had justice for the burned town and its people.

Fang looked over his shoulder and chuckled. They were both so absorbed in praying to the God of Justice. After they were done and made sure the corpse was nothing more, they headed home. On the way home, it was silent. Kane was being helped by Lyra to walk while Fang was reading.

Lyra hummed lightly because even though the day had gone awry, they were still able to slay a dragon so, the day wasn't wasted. They made it to the gate of Jorravak and were greeted by their father. Fang and Kane both smiled while Lyra just frowned. She wasn't in the mood to see their father after what he said to her earlier.

"Lyra, as my only daughter, I care deeply for you and I'm happy to announce that I have found the perfect husband for you," The king bellowed out with joy. Lyra dropped her spoon and focused all her attention at her father, trying her best not to shout out. Fang and Kane both looked at Lyra and their father, grimacing at the fact Lyra wasn't interested in marriage.

"Father, I thank you for being so caring of my well being but I'd rather not be married-"

"You don't have a choice Lyra. You will be marrying the Prince of Pastar, Richard," The king said as he hit his fist off the long, golden table. Lyra's nostrils flared open and her eyes were full of malice. How dare her father make such rash decisions.

Lyra stood up abruptly from her seat excused herself and marched out towards the armory. She was in the mood to kill a dragon.

Their father looked at Kane's wound and sighed loudly. Kane explained the whole situation because as being the oldest, he felt he was responsible for the whole thing. Their father listened intently while sneaking glances at Lyra.

He hoped she wasn't still upset about what he said this morning. He just wanted his daughter to be happy like he was when his wife was still around. Kane finished reporting the event and the king sent Kane and Fang inside. Lyra tried to walk in but was stopped by her father.

"Listen, I know you're not happy with my choice but the prince is a true gentleman."

"Father, I'd rather not discuss the matter now, I just want to sle-"

"We're having a ball tomorrow so you two can meet formally. Make sure you talk to the seamstress to add finishing touches to your party dress," the king said as he made his way inside, ignoring Lyra's horrid facial expression.

Lyra seethed as she stormed down the halls to her bed chamber. When she was inside, she stormed over to her vanity, brushed her hair out, and went back out to the armory. She changed out of her armor into her dress from this morning and sighed.

She didn't want to marry the Prince of Pastar because her freedom would be gone. She'd have to worry about capital affairs and then have to deal with an oaf trying to 'reproduce'. Lyra cringed at the idea and punched the wall in anger.

She wasn't going to settle for this – she was going to make herself seem like a total idiot at the ball tomorrow so she could keep her life to the way it was.

A/N- So Chapter 1 is done! Stay tuned for Chapter 2 and if you see any errors, please tell me!

Pronunciation Key- Just so you aren't tongue tied! : P

Aludio : Al-duo

Tiagura: Ti-a-gir

Duna: Dew-nah

Kalguia: Kal-goo-a

Jorravak: Your-vak

Pastar: Pa-star

Faztrix: Fast-Trick