Lunar breathed in Will's scent. It was so familiar, calming and comforting. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking away sleep and mentally wincing at the sunlight that lit up the room. The sun was just now rising, the light flowing through the floor-to-ceiling window in their bedroom.

She smiled at the thought, Their bedroom, as she snapped her fingers quietly and the curtains closed themselves, shrouding the room in comfortable darkness.

Lunar was once again glad for her night vision. She could clearly see Will, laying next to her, with his strong arms circled around her, holding her to his body. Her head rested neatly in the crook of his neck, eyelids fluttering closed again as she drifted in and out of sleep.


Will's eyes fluttered open, gazing down at the beauty before him. Lunar lay curled up close to him, her head nestled into the crook of his neck. He couldn't help but smile. He held her close to him, breathing in her soft, warm scent. Her gloden hair was splayed across the grey sheets, looking like a sunburst, a halo of light surrounding her beautiful face. Some of her hair had fallen over Will's chest, the silky strands laying still now that Lunar was asleep. Will fought it, but he was still tired, and he quickly fell back asleep.


Baby I would climb the Andes solely
To count the freckles on your body

With Will still asleep, my hands drifted fown from where they had been in his hair, and began to slowly slide over his body. They glided down over his chest, his muscled abdomen, and over his hips, down to his thighs. I heard him sigh, and when I looked up again-my eyes had been following my hands before-I could see his dark grey eyes looking at me with amusement.

Never could imagine there were only
Ten Million ways to love somebody

I gave him a crooked smile, before I felt my blood heat as his hands began to wander my body, just as mine had been to his only a moment before.
He saw my reaction, and smirked.
"What-you can, but I can't?"

Whenever, wherever
We're meant to be together


I didn't answer, only leaned up to capture his lips in a chaste kiss before I turned and stood up out of bed.
Will grumbled something about not being able to see me in the dark, but I ignored it as I grabbed a red and black nightgown off of the floor. I snickered as the memory of how it got there came back to me before sliding it on, the silk feeling soft and smooth against my body.
I saw Will, out of bed finally, looking around on the floor for his clothes.
"We started on the couch." I offered, and I could practically hear him smirk as he found some pants by the door. I followed him out of the bedroom and watched as he found his black t-shirt by the couch. "Don't." I said, and he stopped, still bent over and reaching for his shirt. He straightened and gave me a questioning look, to which I said, "You look better without it."


I smiled at her, shaking my head. If Lunar had her way, I'd have never worn a shirt since the day we met. Which, if it made her happy, I would have gone with it, but she usually kept her requests to herself. That's why it startled and amused me when she asked me to leave my shirt off.
I took three long strides over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I heard her breath catch just before I pressed my lips to hers, pressing our bodies as close as possible.
I felt her gasp slightly when I ran my tongue across her lower lip, but she obliged and parted her lips, allowing my entrance.
Lucky that my lips not only mumble
They spill kisses like a fountain


I slowly pulled away, though I could see that Will was about to protest. I placed a finger over his lips, silencing him.
"I have work to do, and you have band practice." I pointed out, and he sighed, nodding. I smiled and skipped into the small kitchen. "What do you want for breakfast?" I asked.
He looked as if he was about to answer when a bout of frantic barking broke out across the apartment. I rolled my eyes as he rushed into the bathroom, and came out carrying a very scared-looking doxen. I couldn't but smile at the adorable, quivering mess of rusty fur that was Trinket.
"Aw, were you getting beat up by the kitten again?" I asked in my puppy-talk voice as I came up and gently took the dog from Will. I held him carefully in my arms, as if he were a small child. "It must be tough, getting your ass kicked by someone half your size every time you try to drink out of the toilet."
This time it was Will's turn to roll his eyes as he took his dog out of my arms. "It's not his fault. You keep cutting his claws, but I'm pretty sure you file Gizmo's so that they're sharper."
"That is so not true!" I protested with a mock-shock look on my face. "Gizmo's claws are naturally sharp, and Trinket's mind is naturally blunt."
Will's jaw dropped.
"What-" I said, mimicking Will's voice. "You can come up with great comebacks, but I can't?"
He smirked and put the dog back on the floor, before he came closer to me. He cupped my face with both hands, before pressing his lips to mine. All of this happened in the same second, so it surprised me, to say the least.
He pulled back with a happy smirk on his face, obviously glad that he had caught me off guard.
"Later, sweetheart." He said before picking his shirt up off the floor and heading out, grabbing the keys off of the end table before slamming the door shut behind him.

A/N: Sorry for so many POV switches xD Lunar Eclipse is my character, William belongs to my friend Will. ^^ Hope you enjoyed.