I sighed. Lunar really needed to loosen up a bit, be a little bit more spontaneous. I made a mental note to help her with that as I walked down the stairs and into the parking lot of the apartment complex. Walking over to my gorgeous black mustang GT, I hit the unlock button on my keys, still smiling. If Lunar Eclipse didn't exist, that car would be the love of my life.

I'm not paralyzed,
but I seem to be struck by you

I opened the driver-side door and slid inside, the leather interior feeling cool and smooth as I entered the key into ignition. The car revved to life, a smile breaking out on my face at the sound. That sound was my third-no, fourth-sound to hear.
The third was Lunar's voice, the second her singing voice, and the first...something that she did when she was, let's just say, really really happy.

I wanna make you move,
Because you're standin' still

My smile only grew at the thought of my favorite sound, and I was soon struggling with a large problem in my nether regions.
Dammit, just thinking about that girl got me horny.

If your body matches what your eyes can do,
You'll probably move right through

As I tried to redirect my thoughts, I drove out of the parking lot and headed to the bar I'd agreed to practice at with Robert and Alec.

I reached my destination soon after-thank lycanthropy for good reflexes and Mustangs for speed-and parked out back. As I slid out of the car, I could hear shouting coming from inside the building. Thankfully, my little problem had passed on the way over.

He's already started drinking. I thought with a sigh before shutting the door and locking it. I headed inside, and the sight that met me surprised me.
Instead of finding a drunk Robert and a worried Alec, I found an incredibly hot redhead arguing loudly with the owner of the bar, whose name I think was Simon, or something like that.

"What's going on?" I asked Alec, who was watching the girl with amusement in his crystal blue gaze.

"Shikon's trying to get the owner to pay us more." He explained. I nodded, turning my attention to the redhead, Shikon, who seemed to have finally come to an agreement with the manager, or owner, or whoever he was. "Oh, and she'll be singing in the band."

I snapped my gaze back to Alec. "What?" I asked, shocked.

"I'll be singing with you guys tomorrow night." Shikon said, having come over and draped her arm lazily around Alec's waist.

"No, you won't." I said. "Lunar's going to sing with us tomorrow night. We already talked about this, Alec."

Alec simply shrugged a bit. "Lighten up, dude. Your girl won't mind, she'll be getting a night off."

"No, Alec. No, Shikon. No. Lunar is singing with us, not you, and that's final." I said, glaring at both of them.

Since they both knew I was a werewolf, and a rather strong one at that, they seemed to come to the conclusion that they should just do what I say. I used to think it odd, that Alec was five years older than me, but he feared and respected me more than anyone else. I guess it was because I was stronger, by pure genetics-Thank Lunar for that. She was the one who turned me.

Practice went on like usual, with Shikon sulking at the bar as she watched us-well, really only Alec. We practiced all the songs that we had planned on preforming: Paralyzer, In The End, and then, much to my band's disapproval, I made them practice Call Me Maybe and Whenever, Wherever, songs that Lunar had written and was going to preform, since I had decided she could be our opening act.

After practice was over about an hour later, I said goodbye to everyone and headed home.

Having almost gotten two speeding tickets by the time I reached the apartment, I decided it had been a good day's work.

I unlocked the apartment door and instantly heard the sound of running water. Not like a sink, like a shower. I smirked at my good luck.

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