june 25th means a lot.

it means six years.
six years of highs
& six years of lows.
it means six years
of sharing our lives
no matter the distance,
or age difference.
it means the day
you proposed at
the legislature grounds,
clumsy and nervous;
it was the second time,
actually, that you did.
it means our wedding day,
a year ago today.

and now, well, now
it stands for sadness.
it stands for a love lost,
for so many second chances
and for all the times
that they didn't work out.
it stands for all the times
we fought and cried,
and all the times
we cheated and lied.
it stands for everything
we said and did in all
those six years
together and apart.
we survived so much,
and lost to so much more.

june 25th means a lot.
(& it will never be
the same.)