A girl sat upon a cliff covered with grass high above a ravine. The sun glared upon her, not that she noticed. The burning heat did not reach her, nor did the gravels move her sense of touch. To her, all was black and gray and blurred, the world a heaving mass of sound.

Names throbbed through her mind-four names that she could never forget.

Her breath heaved once more, and the loud sounds that escaped her caused the nearby squirrels to stop in sudden caution. An intruder had entered their grounds, but as the sounds continued the squirrels looked about and decided the strange creature, though noisy, was no threat to them, and they wandered merrily about their way.

The birds chirruped their greetings and began their mating dances, oh what a glorious sight the girl would have seen if she had only looked up.

No, the girl never looked up, only made heavier and heavier breaths. The sun glared his glory upon this ungrateful girl until he was pushed aside by the tremendous lightning and thunders of the great storm clouds which poured forth their might. Yet despite how the storm crept closer and closer crept, rumbling, and voicing its might; the girl stirred not.

It was as if all she could hear was the listing of four names- the names she could never forget.

The sun dawned once more, glaring at the girl who had scorned his glory, only to find nothing left but a shadow upon the cliff.

A shadow of a young girl's jacket-the girl who had forgotten all but those four names.

The river rippled mightily below- the storm the night before had allowed it to flow mightily, and the secrets which it received that night; it would hold for a very long time.