worth it?

lie to me
tell me that we are fine.
lie to me.
tell me that you love me
lie to me.
tell me im beautiful
one last time.
lie to me.

was it worth our love
to get what you wanted?
was it worth my heart
for you to live.
was it worth that life
to wish it dead.

lie to me my love
tell me how you feel
lie to me again
show me your heart
was it worth the lie...?

act like it s all my fault.
tell me more lies it s all your fault.
you caused the fall of us...
that s what you say.
lie to me my love.
show me just how much you care.

lie to me
because it was worth

tell me we will be ok.
lie to me.
to keep our mood to your,
because it was worth it wasn t it
lover boy?
thanks for nothing

falling again
at least your bottles will save you.
drown in their bubbles break the fall
your fall...
because it was worth it

lie to me show me
you keep up the act
because it s worth it
to you.