So I finally update da? Sorry again guys! So here's chapter 8 I'll get the others out as soon as I can but having a major case of writers block sucks! So yeah that's why I haven't updated nekomimi or any of my other ones. But I'm not dead so I can still wri-

Shizuka: *comes up from out of nowhere* She lies!

Yuu: *Yelps looking around finally finding him* Kai-kun, hi! You finally decided to get in on one of these? ^-^

Shizuka: Yes I did. I mean I can't let my precious little sister and the she wolf have all the fun now can I?

Yuu: Well you could but that's not you. Oh and about the first words out of your mouth ya jerk. I'm not lying! Kai-kun is just jealous.

Shizuka: *Raises eyebrow* And pray tell what I'm jealous of exactly about you? I have a cute little sister and a very adorable uke.

Yuu: Um…because I AM THE AWESOME PRUSSIA! Kesesesese

Shizuka: -.- Your not Gilbert Beilschmidt. Besides don't you cosplay what's his face?

Yuu: His name is Canada, Matthew Willams! ~. ~ and yes I do. Now I'm gonna tie you up and throw you back into the room you came out of! *grabs rope nowhere*

Shizuka: She's crazy and I'm going to run now enjoy the story! *Runs off screaming*

Hachi - Katsuri

I finally get some alone time with her! But alone time isn't any good when the other person is afraid of you. "You don't have to be afraid of me." I said making her yelp and look at me wide eyes. She didn't say anything but I could tell she was still tense. There was an awkward pause. "I…I'm sorry…" I blinked barely able to hear her. "Why?" I asked slightly confused. "I…um…" she gulped trembling a little. I let go of her hand hoping that she wouldn't run away. "You what?" I asked. "I…s…should've listened to Shizu-chan…" she muttered. Shizu-chan, was that the thing with her? "Who's this 'Shizu-chan'?" I asked. She gulped nervously. "The s…sheep with me…my…b…best friend."

She started to fidget nervously. Gah! She looks so cute when she's nervous I just want to hug her. And as much as I wanted to, I had to hold back my affections until she clamed down a little. "You're best friend hm?" I asked. She nodded. "I see. You know my precious little lamb I don't think I ever asked your name." I told her with a smile. She looked away covering her face mumbling something. "What was that?" I asked her. She uncovered her eyes which were in fact a really gorgeous emerald green. How come I just now noticed? Oh yeah I missed what she said again.

"I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that. I got lost in your amazing emerald eyes." Heh, I can flirt and tell the truth that's great. She gasped. "Y…you…" her eyes went wide and a pretty blush dusted her cheeks. "So you gonna tell me your name my little lamb?" I asked. "H…Heori…" Oh wow, even her name is cute. "N…now tell me y…yours." She said quietly. I could easily tell she was still nervous around me, but the first wall was slowly coming down. I smirked. "Katsuri Sannin at your service my beautiful lady." I bowed looking up at her through my hair winking.

Her adorable pink blush turned a delicious cherry red. Mmm cherries…they sound good right now. I looked at her blinking. "What?" I noticed she backed away a little. "I…I asked if y…you were um…okay…" I blinked before smiling a little. "Did you just ask if I was okay?" Her eyes widened and she quickly looked away covering her face. "I d…didn't…your h…hearing things." Aw, she's getting shy on me again.

"So cute!" I squealed finally giving into my urges to glomp my precious. She screamed starting to struggle in my hold. "I knew it! You tricked me! Shizu-chan!" She screamed. "No! I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you!" I yelled surprised by her outburst. "I…I knew you were going to e…eat me!" she started pushing at my arms. "No, I'm not I swear! Please just clam down." I said trying to comfort the struggling lamb. She kept fighting a few more minuets before she stopped. "Are you done?" I asked gently nuzzling her soft dark hair. She didn't' do anything for a few seconds before nodding.

"Good. Now I'm sorry for hugging you so suddenly but you just got so shy then that I couldn't help it." I explained. She gulped nodding. "Why don't we sit down and talk? I'll try not to do anything like that again." She squirmed in my hold and I loosened my grip hoping she wouldn't run away. "R…really?" she asked as she turned around to face me, gripping my sleeves in her small hands. "Of course you think I enjoy scaring someone so beautiful?" I asked grabbing her hands. Heori blushed not saying anything. "I…I'm not sure who your talking about exactly, but I w…would hope t…that you don't enjoy s…scaring me." I chuckled shaking my head. She's so modest. "I was talking about you. Now what do you say we get to know each other a little bit better?" her blush darkened as she nodded her head, finding a conveniently fallen tree to sit on.

I sat down beside her. "Okay so tell me about this 'Shizu-chan' character." She gulped and started playing with the hem of her shirt. "W…well he's m…my best friend, basically my big brother who is sometimes o…over protective of me." She explained. "I see, so how'd you two meet?" she waited a few seconds before answering. "When I was little there was always a wolf around and h…he tried talking to me right after the t…teacher said some s...scary things about t…them. S…Shizu-chan heard me and got in f…front of me to try and p…protect me." I saw her smile a little as she seemed to get lost in her memory. It should so be illegal to look so cute and innocent. "That's sweet of him." I said smiling at her, breaking my little lamb from her thoughts.

"Yeah…it w…was." Gah! Why can't I hug her without scaring her?! "W…what about t…that other w…wolf?" she asked breaking me from my 'must not glomp' trance. "Chi?" I asked. She nodded shyly. "Hm, let's see what about Chi…"I muttered tapping my chin. She stared at me her little ears twitching every now and then. Oh my guad that's so cute! "Uh…" I blinked before shaking away any other thoughts before they grew into something a little less innocent. "Okay so chi is my best guy friend and my little brother. He's so cue isn't her? Anyways we met when he wa kicked out of the last group he travled in and when we found him, I just had to be his friend because he was and still is so cute!" I gushed.

Heori blinked staring at me like I was weird. "You…like c…cute things d…don't you?" she asked. I grinned. "Yep! I just can't help myself if it's a cute person I gotta hug em." I explained I saw her smile a little. "So y…you just l…like small t…things…" she muttered with a light giggle. I smiled but blushed a little at the sound. "Guilty as charged! See I'm not so scary am I?" I asked her. She looked at me with those amazing gem like eyes. "N…no…but b…because of my teachings…I can't help but b…be a little afraid still…" she said sounding a little sad at the fact. "I slowly got up and sat down beside her noticing her tense up when I got close.

"Alright then, you come see me in what is now our spot without running away and you get used tome." I suggested. She started playing with her shirt again but nodded after a moments hesitation. "O…okay." I squealed hugging her tightly. "Thank you so much little lamb!" I exclaimed making her yelp at the sudden glomp making her struggled. I quickly let go. "I'm so sorry Heori-chan, but I'm just so happy you agreed." I laughed nervously. "P…please don't d…do that…" she practically whimpered trying to stop her heart from racing. "I can't make any promises, I'm very affenciate person." I told her. She looked at me with wide eyes. "Y…yes…okay…" she gulped. "C…can we please g…go back to Shizu-chan?" she asked. I stood up pulling her with me. "Yep, just don't go back on your word okay?" she nodded. "Good." I grinned dragging her behind me.